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Bruce Weber

A downtown Detroit treasure, the Detroit Institute of Arts, more commonly known as the DIA, is a haven for some of the most important pieces of art in the world. Gracing Midtown Detroit with its grandiose architecture and rich, white marble, this historical relic is home to almost one billion dollars worth of art. With such an enriching asset just beyond our doorsteps, lets take a look at what they’re currently showcasing:

Currently the DIA is featuring an exhibit entitled Let Me Show You What I saw: American Views on City and Country. It features an assortment of artists and mediums, mainly pulled from the museums own lauded collection, spanning 1912-1963. These several decades of drastic change in America are represented by paintings selected because of the artist’s use of nature and atmosphere to manipulate the emotions.

The initial inspiration stems from five watercolors by Charles Burchfield that the DIA just recently became home to. Burchfield, whose primary tools were watercolor and charcoal, was the inspiration because of his use of nature to convey a changing and spirited world; his paintings were primarily landscapes and he communicated to his audience using nature as a representation of emotion.

Other artists include several contemporaries of Burchfield, such as Martin Lewis, John Marin and Saul Steinberg. A uniting theme through all of the pieces is that all of these artists were drastically affected by those several decades in American history; it was a time of change post WWII and art changed with it, creating new voices with fascinating ways of telling their stories. This exhibit can be viewed until Sunday, June 29th.

Eclipsing Let Me Show You What I Saw is a collection of photos by photographer Bruce Weber. Aptly entitled Detroit, the series depicts photographs conveying the spirit and glamour that Weber saw. They were shot during two separate trips Weber made to our city—the first during a photoshoot with Kate Moss for W Magazine in June 2006, and the second in 2013 after Weber was inspired by the city’s vibrancy on his first trip. Images from both trips are set side-by-side showcasing the artist’s fascination with Detroit.


DIA: 5200 Woodward Avenue,
Let Me Show You What I Saw: American Views on City and Country, closes June 29th
Detroit by Bruce Weber, June 20 – September 7

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