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Wunderground Magic Shop

Wunderground Magic Shop

16 S Main St Clawson, MI 48017

  • NEIGHBORHOOD: Berkley, Birmingham, Clawson, Ferndale, Royal Oak

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Wunderground Magic Shop

Discover one of the most amazing and magical places you will ever encounter, where you will learn to master incredible illusions like cutting someone in half or making them completely disappear!  At the Wunderground Magic Shop you will see floating cards, penetrating coins, and appearing balls from thin air.  As you traverse the maze of secret passages through to the hidden entrance behind the bookshelf, you’ll understand why the Wunderground Magic Shop is an experience unlike any other place you have ever visited.  Let us enchant you with our own special magic performed live, then taught by experts so that you can make the magic too.

With over forty years of experience and service in southeast Michigan, the Wunderground Magic Shop has the entertainment authority to help you make the perfect choice to make your presentation spectacular.  Or call us to hire an amazing performer for your next event!

The Wunderground Magic Shop carries magician’s supplies and accessories for the amateur to professional magician’s needs. We are your magic superstore with everything you need to perform for one or two of your firends or an audience of thousands.  We have the books, DVDs, and classes to take your magic to the next level. We also carry juggling equipment, clown props, ventriloquist puppets, animal balloons, theatrical special effects, puzzles, games, costumes, novelties, pranks, and gag gifts.


Address: 16 S Main St Clawson, MI 48017