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The Claymore Shop

The Claymore Shop

908 S Adams Rd Birmingham, MI 48009

  • NEIGHBORHOOD: Berkley, Birmingham, Clawson, Ferndale, Royal Oak

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The Claymore Shop

We’re a rarity in today’s world, a genuine men’s specialty clothing store – the kind of store men used to frequent for their fashion needs. The Claymore Shop is a modern throwback – a store solely dedicated to fine menswear, and to helping our clientele expertly navigate the fluid world of men’s  fashion. It’s why the Claymore Shop remains a fixture on many national and regional lists of best menswear stores. And it’s why, whatever your sartorial style, there’s still no better place to help the professional man get dressed.

Bob Benkert, owner of the Claymore, has been delivering impeccable merchandise and meticulous service to his customers for over 48 years. He has long been noted for his ability to anticipate – and even spur – a fashion trend. Among the first to bring a fledgling designer named Ralph Lauren to the masses, Bob is still bringing new lines and breakthrough designers to the store today.

At the Claymore, we understand that clothes may not make the man, but they help you form a lasting impression. And we help men make that impression – with nothing but the highest-quality merchandise, from many of the most reputable and admired names in men’s fashion.


Address: 908 S Adams Rd Birmingham, MI 48009