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Rainbow Restaurant

Rainbow Restaurant

22048 Farmington Rd Farmington, MI 48336

  • NEIGHBORHOOD: Farmington Hills

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Rainbow Restaurant

Yelp review via ~ Carolyn E.

I’m so glad we found the Rainbow Restaurant!  They have great Americanized Chinese food.  I’m sure they do a great carryout business, but we dined in, and the service was excellent.  Everything was prompt and hot.

We both ordered soup first – hubby ordered the hot and sour and I ordered the won ton.  The won ton was good – the dumplings were fresh and had great texture, and the broth was flavorful.  However, I’ll never come back here without ordering the hot and sour soup.  It’s amazing!  The best I’ve had.  It’s almost the consistency of a stew, and not greasy like others I’ve had.  I think I’ll order it with extra spice next time.

We both got combinations – he ordered the sizzling something…I forget what it’s called, but it is a sizzling platter of 3 meats and fresh veggies with rice. It was delicious and enough for my 6’6″ husband to take home for a large lunch the next day.  I ordered the shrimp with lobster sauce which was amazing.  I will struggle not to order this every time we go, and I also had plenty left over.  The sauces were flavorful and not greasy, and the dishes didn’t taste like just slightly different versions of each other.  I feel like many Chinese restaurants use variations of the same brown sauce on many of the dishes, but this was definitely not like that.  The eggrolls were better than most, but not excellent – crispy and the veggies inside were crunchy.  The rice, both the white and brown, was cooked to perfection.

We’ll most certainly be back.

Address: 22048 Farmington Rd Farmington, MI 48336