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Ackroyds Scottish Bakery

Ackroyds Scottish Bakery

25566 5 Mile Rd Redford, MI 48239

  • NEIGHBORHOOD: Farmington Hills

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Ackroyds Scottish Bakery

Silas and Al Ackroyd started Ackroyds Scottish Bakery in 1949 pursuing their dream of owning a business in Detroit, a prosperous city full of more opportunity than their native Windsor, Ontario. Their objective was to offer the highest quality, fresh-cut meats and superior customer service to the local Scots in the neighborhood.  They sold the hand-ground Scottish meats including haggis, beef bangers, and black pudding, reminiscent of the ones they shared in their youth with their Scottish parents.

We are excited about the future. Our bakery has been operating for over 60 years; the goal is to last another 60. With planning an expansion, bringing in exciting new products, and continuing to produce incredible Scottish fare, we hope that Ackroyd’s will be a part of your family tradition for decades to come.


Address: 25566 5 Mile Rd Redford, MI 48239