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Urbane on Maple

My experience has been with Urbane Maple. Overall, I have been very pleased with the apartment and the management of Urbane Apartments. I always receive a response from management within 24 hours of a service request (if not sooner), and things are always handled very promptly. The apartments themselves are nice and pretty well kept (especially considering the age of the building). I like that my apartment is not a typical box apartment--it has some character. Would recommend.

Urbane on Adams

I was blown away when I reported a broken garbage disposal and the maintenance team also replaced all of our burnt out bulbs (which was several!!). That was so helpful, even if it is part of their policy, I really appreciated it. The apartment is by no means a luxury condo in downtown Birmingham, but it is perfect for people of a certain age and I have been completely satisfied so far with my stay.

I’d like to make sure and mention Nicole in the leasing office for always promptly answering my emails and giving me all the answers and attention I need. Very helpful!!!

Urbane on Center

I live in what one might refer to as the “Garden Level” apartment. The apartment comes equipped with a three medium/large closets, kitchen with newer-than-other-apartment-complex-counters and cabinets, decent bathroom with dual shower-heads and 450 square feet – which is more than enough for one person and a medium-sized dog.
To preface this review, I am the type of individual who will diligence the crap out of anything I’m throwing large sums of money at, but never usually post a review; I’m making an exception this time.

Urbane has met my expectations and is far better than what other reviews might lead you to believe. I have not had any major maintenance issues, and only one minor repair that was resolved within 24hrs.

Urbane on Main

I had a slow bathtub drain recently and requested maintenance online and it was fixed within 24 hours. Also, there was a recent internet outage, which is the first time to happen since I moved in, and sent an online maintenance request to have it fixed, assuming many other people had as well, and it was fixed very quickly.  I love the fact that the maintenance department actually gets things done!  You guys are great!