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Once Upon A Time…A Fairy Story

Once upon a time, in Royal Oak, Ferndale, Clawson, and… well, pretty much everywhere, there were fairy gardens. Yes, I said fairy gardens. These are the new, and giant step up from the former lawn décor of garden gnomes and dressed up swans from the 80’s. Geese are out and fairies are in, and I don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon. Spread the fairies and spread the love.

When I started gardening, I hadn’t even considered doing it. Gardening, to me, is an art, a masterpiece made from the earth. Fairy gardens were just dirt with sparkles.

My first experience with fairy gardens was when I lived in Columbus; I was just walking around and a little green bridge caught my eye. Sparkles, beads, jewels, and a very tiny stool were in someone’s garden. It was adorable! Fast forward, I’m living in Royal Oak for a week and I take a walk down the road. There, on my corner, sat a fairy village. For the people in the back, A FAIRY VILLAGE.


For those of you that choose to set along this journey, things you should be aware of are as follows:


Children, sometimes even whole families, will leave their homes specifically to look at the new garden visitors. They may even add to it with bought or made items. If you have a theme you would like to stick to, choosing the backyard garden might be a better place. I have a fairy garden and I also visit one down the road on a regular basis. Sometimes I add new pieces, with permission from the grounds keepers. Something that I, personally, haven’t had any problems with but could happen, is people taking things from your garden. I don’t know anyone who has had this problem, but it is certainly possible, so keep that in mind.

Sometimes, prices on little pieces can be expensive. From what I’ve seen, they can range from $2-$35, with things, such as houses, being around $35. It’s doesn’t have to be expensive, but it all depends on where you shop. I have seen little figures in a bunch of craft stores, and I’m sure that even The Dollar Store or Five Below have options for those of us on a budget.Now that you know all about fair gardens, you’re probably adding new things to a Pinterest board right now. If you’re looking for a place everyone can join in on the fun and beauty, your front garden, a tree, or even in a planter on the edge of your grass line are a few places you could start. My garden is a small start, but I have placed in the middle of my herbs. I attract the humans with the tomatoes and basil, but they always stick around to look at the little fairy sign that reads, “Fairies Party Here”. Everyone leaves with smiles.


Fairy gardens are here to stay and they are bringing the community closer together, one sparkle at a time.

“Don’t you know that everybody’s got a Fairyland of their own?”

This article authored by MJ;

Professional photographer, writer, fluent in sarcasm, and garden connoisseur. MJ Elizabeth is on a mission to open your minds and hearts with the art of gardening while keeping everyone entertained on short rambles of living in a new city. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, and now a proud Royal Oak resident. Favorites: Vintage anything, the smell of the library, writing with the perfect pen, Toms Oyster Bar, and dirty martini’s.

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