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Preserve Royal Oak teams up against Kroger

preserve royal oakThere’s a community group looking to preserve the character of Royal Oak, and it’s got a pretty big name in its sights.

Preserve Royal Oak is a movement, says its website, that has the goal of keeping Kroger out of Royal Oak. It began with a few people in the community, the site explains, that started asking questions after hearing about plans from Kroger to put a store downtown. Preserve Royal Oak was created to unite people who felt the same way, and has been in the news since it was put together.

The group puts together some pretty good points: Royal Oak already has two full-service, locally owned grocery stores, that would likely lose business if Kroger were to move in; a new store would create additional truck traffic, noise and pollution; and other concerns. But, you can’t blame Kroger for wanting to move into the city, either, as it’s a bustling population who would probably be good for sales. Plus, the superstore offers things the typical neighborhood grocery store doesn’t, such as cooking tools and greeting cards. On the other hand, you can’t beat the cheese selection at Holiday Market. (Reny picot — drooooool.)

However, you can’t argue that Royal Oak isn’t a vibrant, funky place to live — already. So what do you think? Kroger in Royal Oak — good for the city, or detrimental to its flavor?

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6 responses to "Preserve Royal Oak teams up against Kroger"

  1. Ike reece May 28, 2011 at 06:33

    I really hope Kroger fails in its plans to build in downtown Royal Oak. Can’t everyone see why the area is so popular? It’s the smaller, independently owned shops (yes, there is starbucks, etc. but they fit). A monster big box store like Kroger is wrong for so many reasons. But the most prevalent thought I have about it is that it would be the start of a corporate takeover of the city. Nothing unique or progressive about it. Homogenized. Depressing. But hey, you might save a couple bucks off your bill. That’s worth the integrity of your community, right? They don’t care about the community like independents do.  Do we really need another market anyway? Trader Joe’s, Ferndale Foods, Ninos, Whole Foods, Westborn, Holiday, Hollywood…nothing good would come of it…. Next it will be Wall-mart in Birmingham.                —–Ike

  2. MIkey May 29, 2011 at 01:06

    My God,What a bunch of whiners

    • Erik Erdman May 31, 2011 at 18:31

      Totally agree. Maybe it will force the overpriced ‘locally-owned’ markets to try competitive pricing for a change. I will be shopping at the new Kroger. Royal Oak will still be a great place for DB’s to hang out in, Kroger or not.

  3. Jeanne Jun 02, 2011 at 01:57

    Kroger is the country’s largest grocery store chain and they’re trying to ram in the largest footprint possible.  The Planning Department sent them 5 pages of requested/required changes and so far, Kroger is ignoring them.  The community rallying and letting our city gov’t know that we expect them to well represent our interests and not Kroger’s is important.  City of Grosse Pointe made their expectations known and they got a Kroger boutique store at 21,000 sq feet that opened in March.   It’s not whining – it’s called democracy.  

    • MIkey Jun 02, 2011 at 19:16

      Its call capitalism,Something liberal socialist that are against wouldn’t know about.I’m sick of paying high prices for food at these smaller grocery chains .I also let my Elected officials for Royal Oak that I’m for a new Kroger

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