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Detroit: 22 Days and Counting

It’s almost been a month since I’ve moved to Detroit. I was the first person to arrive here, at our real life version of The Make/Shift if there ever was one. Our space is as makeshift as it comes: We are currently living in a two bedroom, 1 and a 1/2 bath condo in New Center. There are four of us……fun times! It’s not Corktown (yet) but it’s Detroit, and to us that’s all that really matters. So we are roooming up, quite literally, with the girls upstairs and the guys downstairs and two cats in between. Ideal? Of course not. But things are going surprisingly well despite our tight quarters. I think that it’s actually made us better in many ways.  When I first got here, I lived here alone for almost a week. I thought I would wish for those days back, but I always look forward to seeing the three of them. There is always something new happening, things I want their advice on, or some place I want to take them to. Detroit is alive, and full of an energy that is infectious.

This week is full of meetings and planning, and full force filming for our trailer. Our fabulous Creative Director is back in town and we’re in full swing to finish filming by next week and get our full video done by the beginning of December. I take pictures, I don’t take video. Until now. So when I get around to posting some of my videos, judge me mildly if you can! Ha. They won’t have Stephens’ magic touches, just my amateur ones. I’m also setting up a plan with my charity this week and hopefully my next post will be full of news on that front. Mike and I have been hard at work at BareBones Detroit and our portfolio is filling up with some fantastic night shots from this past week.

We’ve been through so much already it’s hard to know where to begin our story. So far we’ve been on a few roommate bonding adventures, spent some nights out on the town, had plenty of house meetings, urban camped (try living without appliances for two weeks: urban camping), perfected our skills of cooking with only a griddle and a microwave, ran a gym out of our garage (temporarily, congrats on moving Kimo!), managed to circumvent Cory wanting to kill my cats (she’s working on it), taken some great nighttime shots all over the city with Mike, and all with only one meltdown between four of us (I’m guilty, I can admit it).  So all in all, I chalk that all up as a win in my book.  But it’s no so much US as I think it’s Detroit reflected in our experiences. With each other and our surroundings.

There is something about this city that you can’t get in the suburbs. I felt it before, but I know it now to be 100% true. You can’t find it on the outside looking in. It’s vibrant, and beautiful, and at times frightening and dark, but always tenacious, and always inspiring. I fall asleep to the noise of Woodward creeping through our windows, and its soothing, not jarring. This is something that I’ve been working towards for a long time. I never plan on leaving this city, as long as it doesn’t give up on me either. I’ve lived in many apartments, condos, houses, some in different states. And living here isn’t an experience like any of those other places. So if you’re thinking about it-you’ve been rolling around some ideas yourself, what are you waiting for? Get down here. Detroit needs your energy, passion, and your body to be here. As for your heart, it will surely take that as well, much like it’s taken mine.


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