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Community Gardens with Detroit ABloom Coming to Urbane


Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 6.21.34 PMUrbane Partnership with Detroit ABloom

We have been thinking about Community Gardens at Urbane for a while. We decided to turn our thoughts to action in 2017, but we want to get this right. With nearly (20)  Urbane Apartment Communities, many have open grass areas that would serve well as Community Gardens. The over arching concept is to create a place for the local neighborhood’s of some of our Urbane Apartment Communities to be a gathering place for our residents and their neighbors. Neighbors meaning, the surrounding neighborhood. Our concerns have been many, the biggest being how to manage this once it was planted. These type of projects take a village as they say. There are a plethora of successful community gardens in Detorit, most offering vegetables and fruits. When we ran across The Garden  Detorit, and met Tom Milano and Nancy Weigandt, we quickly became friends. What we really, really liked about The Garden Detorit was that they did flowers, lots and lots of flowers. From our meetings and talks we have evolved a partnership between Urbane and Detroit ABloom to bring this idea of Community Gardens to life. We are beyond Jazz-a-Rooned.

Detroit Abloom is one of two projects directed by The Garden Detroit, a Michigan nonprofit organization. They have is a two-acre urban farm called The Garden, where they have been growing flowers and vegetables for the past six years, although Tom Milano has practiced and honed the art of urban farming for over (30) years. Both projects are located in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood on Detroit’s lower east side, with now, a third garden site forthcoming in Royal Oak at an Urbane Apartment Community.

With the help of a grant from the Kresge Foundation, Tom and Nancy were able to launch Detroit Abloom, a cut flower business. Starting in early April 2016, they began by planting 350 lavender plants, building 1,000 feet of raised wooden and mounded flower beds and planting approximately 40 different flower types, including varieties of each type. They grow many types of common cut flowers and are always incorporating additional varieties of flowers into our collections, particularly ones that will attract and feed pollinating insects and enhance our bouquets and flower arrangements. With thisUrbane Detroit ABloom Partnership of providing unused land at our apartment communities, Detroit ABloom can expand their Flower Business.

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The moment we saw the Detroit ABloom Lavender Farm in the east side Detroit Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood we fell in love with the concept, and knew that Flower Gardens more aligned with what we wanted to create. The Lavender plants are stunningly beautiful, both in the dormant winter season, with their silver glow and even more sensory enchanting in the Spring and Summer, eliciting both smell and colorful beauty.

We think that our Urbane on Crooks South location would make a great location for a Lavender Park. With this, Detorit ABloom could double the size of their lavender yield, and our Royal Oak neighbors would enjoy beautiful Lavender!

Royal Oak Lavender Park

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 6.05.28 PM

Here are a few potential concepts we are thinking about. There would be tables and chairs for folks to hang out around, inviting community. There is Free WiFi should you bring your laptop or iPad along.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 5.47.47 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 5.47.10 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 5.45.55 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 5.29.55 PM


One type of flower has become very close to their hearts at Detroit ABloom – the dahlia. Their present collection of about 50 varieties will increase to 80-100 this season. Last fall, Detroit ABloom built an underground state-of-the-art root cellar especially designed to over-winter thousands of dahlia tubers. This 15′ wide x 30′ long and 8′ high root cellar is large enough to accommodate their growing dahlia collection, as well as tubers from those who would like us to care for their dahlias over the winter. The root cellar features temperature, air circulation and humidity control systems and a manual dumb-waiter.

We are partnering with Detroit ABloom to offer two ten-week CSA Bouquet Share Programs. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. By paying in advance for this program, you help the local flower farm get established for the season. Your payment eliminates the need for a middleman and gives our enterprise more of an opportunity to grow and prosper.  In return, you will receive a lush bouquet every week. Program details below.

Detroit ABloom bouquets are inspired by seasonal diversity and will connect you to the spring, summer and fall seasons in Michigan. These flowers are not your typical supermarket, generic flowers from South or Central America or Mexico.  As the season progresses, our bouquets evolve from springs’ pastels to include a great variety of summer beauties, field foraged cuts such as Queen Ann’s Lace and Mugwort and reach a season end climax with stunning arrays of perfect dahlias.

When we create bouquets, we naturally go with our hearts and choose to make each one unique. We hope you are just as amazed with the colors, textures, shapes and scents as we are. When you receive one of our bouquets, feel free to bury your face in it without any worry of pesticides. Our bouquets are created with love for you and your home or workplace.

Program Details

Two 10 week Programs –
#1 Spring to Summer, June-2017 through August-2017   $200.00 ($20/week and a one-time $10 bucket charge),
#2 Summer to Fall, August-2017, through October-2017   $200.00 ($20/week and a one-time $10 bucket charge).

Bouquets will be available at these two pick-up locations weekly;

310 West Sixth Street, Royal Oak (Urbane Underground-Downtown Royal Oak)
313 Newport Street, Detroit 48215 (Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood)

Nancy and her Crew of Flower Farmers do such a grand job of creating beautiful flower arrangements, You will surely enjoy these Flower Bouquets in your home each week. Call us today at 248-767-4460 to  get you signed up for the 2017 Flower Season, and you can have Fresh Flowers each week, or drop us an email at

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