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Berkley welcomes Sublime Massage & Bodywork just in time for holiday relaxation

As the holiday season approaches – and with it comes the stress of gift-shopping and get-togethers – it’s a great time for a stress-relieving massage or reflexology treatment. Just in time, Berkley welcomes a brand new spa – Sublime Massage and Bodywork. It’s a great escape, or option for gifts for family or friends.

I met owner Jennifer Fink in Ferndale last summer. She was working at her previous position and I was lucky enough to have a groupon discount for a massage. She was professional and personable. I had the most amazing and therapeutic massage I’d encountered since a trip I took to Shanghai where amazing massages were so affordable I could go to the spa daily. We kept in touch and once she took the plunge and opened her own business in Berkley, I couldn’t wait to support her endeavor. She’s truly talented and personalizes her services for her clients.

To delve a bit deeper, The Urbane Life had a chance to ask Jennifer a few questions about life behind Sublime and her experience in massage therapy. Here’s what she had to say:

The Urbane Life: Tell me briefly about your professional background and how you decided to go into massage therapy. What do you love about the industry in general?

Jennifer Fink: I spent 7 years working in Commercial/Feature Film & Video production.  It was an invaluable experience that I will always treasure. I spent the first half as an independent contractor.  You learn very quickly that you are completely responsible for your own success and failure.

Self discipline is crucial.  Your reputation is only as good as your last job.  The hours are long, the work is intense, and if you don’t perform, it effects the entire production.  I enjoyed the challenge of production and the fascinating people I was fortunate to work with.  When my father passed from lung cancer in 2006, my experiences with hospice changed me forever.  People dedicated to easing the pain and suffering of those in the final stages of their life, and the families that love them.  Incredible.  I started my own journey of healing and self-exploration that led me to Professor and Esoteric Healing Facilitator Wallace Smith.

I was also receiving semi-regular massage therapy at the time.  The sessions with Wallace along with massage, allowed me to work through many personal issues.  I wanted to be of service  and help others on their path of healing.  Becoming a massage therapist was the easiest decision I’ve ever made.

My family was a little confused in the beginning but now they are my biggest cheerleaders.  There are many aspects of this industry that I love.  My clients are number one.  I have met the most amazing individuals since I’ve started this work.  Effecting a positive change in their body, mind, and spirit is more rewarding than anything I’ve ever been a part of. I am never bored.  There are endless styles and techniques that allow me to grow and evolve with my clients needs.

UL: When did you decide to open your own spa and what led you to Berkley?

JF: My goal has always been to open my own studio.  I’ve managed many aspects of business for former employers.  Those experiences gave me the tools and confidence necessary to go into business for myself.  My husband and I discussed moving to the west side of the state but the current housing market called for a change of plans.  It was important to be part of a community that is progressive in its thinking and supports small, local businesses. I’m a resident of Ferndale for that very reason. Berkley has many of those same qualities.  My colleague and I spent months looking for the perfect space.  We were about to give up when a realtor showed us our current space.  It had everything we needed to service our clients.  It was zoned industrial, but with the gracious help of our landlord and the City of Berkley, we were able to rezone our space to begin operations.

UL: What are some of the elements and services of Sublime Massage & Bodywork that sets you apart? What will your clients find there that they won’t find elsewhere?

JF: There are many wonderful therapists in the area.  My goal is to offer exceptional, personalized care tailored to the unique needs of each client.  When in session, I stayed attuned to my clients needs and adjusted accordingly.  They will not receive a cookie cutter massage.  While I don’t have a receptionist, clients may call, email or book online themselves thru my website:  Our space is spacious, inviting, and tranquil.  It’s centrally located on 11 mile rd between Coolidge and Greenfield.  We are minutes from I-696 and Woodward.  We offer secured, free onsite parking.

UL: What inspired the name?

JF: Ha! I wish I had a clever story.  While I do have an affection for for the punk-ska band Sublime, that is not the reason.  Derived from the french word Sublimer and the latin word Sublimare, it can mean “to elevate to a higher state.  The word has always resonated with me and when I thought about the feeling I  wanted my business name to invoke, Sublime was always first in my mind. I wanted a word that captured my clients state of being after a massage.  The expression on their faces.

UL: How many employees do you have and what background do they have? Tell me about your business partner?

JF: I have partnered with with Tina Renee Johnson, of Hopeakuu Holistic Massage We have separate business entities but we share costs and refer clients to each other.   We also work together in learning techniques to better serve our clients. We met at Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield on our first day of class in 2006.

We both have backgrounds in production and share many of the same passions, values, and philosophy regarding alternative healing and business.  She’s an incredible therapist and fellow healer who I am proud to work alongside.  We realized if we shared expenses we could offer offer reasonable rates in a relaxing environment of our design.

UL: What have been some of the challenges and some of the highlights of being a new business owner so far?

JF: Other than all of the work involved in opening a new business, everything has been positive.  All of my regular clients have been extremely supportive and without them, this would not be possible.  They are the reason I able to do this work.  Referrals are the best form of advertising and my clients have been so generous in referring friends and family to my practice.  I am truly grateful.

UL: What would you most like metro Detroit residents to know about Sublime if they haven’t visited yet?

JF: All first time clients can book  60 minutes for $49  or 90 minutes for $79.  Relaxation is in short supply during the holiday session so we are also offering gift certificates for 60 minutes of massage therapy for $49 for friends and family.

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