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Bah Humbug?: Too Much Noise @ the Clay, Glass, & Metal Show

Do you remember Mr. Wilson?  He was the retired postal carrier and Dennis the Menace’s next-door neighbor.  He had hoped to retire after service as a postman to lead a “serene, quiet life.”  Dennis, however, frequently interrupted his attempts to garden, collect coins, and even take a bath in peace.  Mr. Wilson is best known for yelling, “Hey, kid, get off my lawn!”

There is a battle brewing in Royal Oak.  On one side stands Mr. Wilson.  He’s lived here for a long time.  He doesn’t go to BlackFinn or Pronto! for a drink.  He gets cranky when he sees a bunch of up-to-no-good-twenty-somethings loudly heading home from an evening out.  Heck, he even gets mad when the Royal Oak Clay, Glass, & Metal Show gets too loud. 

Wait, you say, the Clay, Glass, and Metal festival!?  You read that correctly, the rowdy crowds at the Clay, Glass, and Metal Show are the latest menace to peace and prosperity in downtown Royal Oak. 

More on the latest R.O. Drama!, after the jump . . .

Steve Kowalski, Hometown Life’s “eccentric staff writer” (cool title, eh?), reports that a downtown resident living on the 400 block of South Washington was so upset by the racket at the festival held this past June 12-14, that he has asked the City Commission to require organizers to end the live entertainment earlier than midnight. 

I sincerely hope for the benefit of the community we don’t have bands playing outside until midnight again.  People heard music as far as seven-tenths of a mile away. If you’re encouraging people to live in the downtown of the city, careful consideration should be given (to this request). –Concerned Citizen

In a separate incident the same weekend, apparently Commissioner Michael Andrzejak spotted a noisy saxophonist playing on the street at, gasp, 12:35 a.m.!  Quell Horreur!  Next we’ll have drugs and gangs!  You gotta cut those saxophonists off before they get out of control.  Check out the rest of Steve’s article, here, for the deets. 

While I don’t know this concerned citizen and acknowledge that he may have a legitimate gripe, there are many of us here in the silent majority that choose to live in downtown Royal Oak because we want a lively little city below our window.  I, too, live on South Washington.  I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the festival weekend — from the arts and crafts vendors, to the food stalls, to the music, and even the crowds!  (Anyone else notice all of the FOR LEASE signs around town right now – some crowds coming into the city to spend some dough *might* just be a good thing, no?)

What do you think about the future of our downtown?  Do you side with Mr. Wilson, who wants a serene little city with manicured lawns and minimal disruptions?  Or are you on Dennis the Menace’s side (a twenties-plus version of Dennis, of course, who likes to eat, drink, and be merry)? 

My vote’s with Dennis, of course.  You want peace and quiet?  Huntington Woods is right over there, across Woodward.  You can even come visit us when you need to have some fun!  What’s your vote?

6 responses to "Bah Humbug?: Too Much Noise @ the Clay, Glass, & Metal Show"

  1. jmills Jun 22, 2009 at 10:09

    FACT: Saxophone related crimes are quite serious and are greatly on the rise in our city. Is this what we really want in our streets? It is estimated that one and seven tenths people will get mildly injured by street performers in this year alone, won’t somebody please think of the children?!

    Funny how on a night when Police helicopters are flying overhead and horse mounted patrols are strolling the streets, the biggest thing some people have to worry about are bad cover versions of Rock You Like a Hurricane or Livin’ on a Prayer or whatever “yous crazy kids” are listening to these days.

    Seriously, go to Target and get a SoundSpa. They’re like 20 bucks and you’ll never hear anything again. And more importantly, we’ll never hear you again.

  2. Matt Dibble Jun 22, 2009 at 10:35

    I for one am tired of living in a fun, upbeat and lively city that encourages its residents to get out and have fun.

    That dude’s in the minority… it sucks that usually those are ones that squawk the loudest.

  3. Brandon Jun 22, 2009 at 11:09

    Hey jmills and Matt –

    Thanks for your thoughts. I decided not to name the guy, b/c I didn’t want to pick on him. But seriously, you’re living downtown. Didn’t you *want* to live in a city. Cities are loud sometimes. But they can be a lot of fun too. And it’s not like the bad cover band is there every weekend. It’s a summer weekend, let’s have some fun. And let the Clay and Glass people rock out.

  4. Eric Brown Jun 25, 2009 at 12:20

    Hi Megan, Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your comments. It seems like the folks that are elected officials haven’t walked around downtown Royal Oak on a Thursday evening. This place hops, and we should be capitalizing on what we have

  5. Megan Jun 25, 2009 at 09:23

    Seriously? Who is running for office in this town? Looks like it’s time to get some fresh blood in city hall. Do they really want to turn Royal Oak into another boring, homogenous town. Bring out the saxophones, the crazy shirtless guy with the tats and the odd helmet, etc. Royal Oak needs to differentiate itself from other downtowns. Businesses and people have lots of choices of where to live and work. Why should we come to Royal Oak if its just gonna be another boring homogenous town?

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