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Urbane Sanctuary Gardens Update

Urbane Lavender Park

The most important words of our below listed signage are; Everyone Welcome!

Urbane Sanctuary Gardens

                a Collaborative Partnership with Detroit ABloom

Urbane Apartments and Detroit Abloom, a project of The Garden Detroit, are partnering together to make the beauty and tranquility of flower gardens available to our neighborhood. The Urbane Sanctuary Gardens  supports Detroit Abloom’s mission of transforming vacant blighted land in Detroit into beautiful and productive landscapes by expanding their lavender and dahlia blossom harvests. Everyone Welcome!


Our first Urbane Lavender Park and Sanctuary Garden  is coming along nicely. We picked up (360) Lavender plants last Saturday at Eastern Market from Mark Kaltz owner and operator of N W Kaltz & Sons Farm. The Kaltz Family are a fourth generation farmer that’s been coming to Eastern Market over 120 years. They bring down herbs, perennials, flowers, vegetable plants in the springtime and fresh vegetables throughout the whole summer and fall time.

We started planting this week at the direction of Tom Milano, director of The Garden Detorit. Carefully building the the raised bed furrows from rich compost, mixed with sand and topsoil to create the beds. Over (300) Lavender Plants were lovingly planted last week! The center sections were backfilled with natural mulch from tree trimmings. We could not have accomplished this labor intensive task without the help of Mike Belbot, and his landscape crews and equipment from Belbot ServicesMike Belbot established his company in 2009, and has grown exceptionally; working hard to build Belbot Services reputation and company each year. With more and more customers giving Mike their business opportunities, many have been blown away with the work that such a young man can execute and the pride and intent he holds behind it all. Mike and his crew take care of our (20) Urbane Apartment Communities grass cutting, landscape and snow plowing. 




So,……..Whats next?

We have a truck load of raised bed containers coming next week. There will be (4) 12’x3′ containers and (2) 40’x2′ containers that will be filled mostly with Dahlia’s and some heirloom tomato’s. The Raised beds will outline the perimeter of the Lavender plantings. There is a section through the center where we are installing sod, to get from one side to the other, where there will be tables and chairs and areas to sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of a Sanctuary Garden.

We also want to be as sustainable and green about this as we can. The raised metal garden beds are made from 100% recyclable material  as they can be reclaimed and reused without any material loss. We picked up two 320 gallon, food quality water tanks that we will start to catch the roof grey water to use to irrigate the gardens. So,…… week we will be busy installing the raised beds and rain collection system. More to follow, stay tuned!


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