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Less in 2017

With each new year, I try to set my intentions for that year using words, which seems fitting. Writing is my way of expanding, growing, goal-setting. Writing is my escape, my home, my future. So my word, my intention for 2017 is Less. Now I now that might sound strange, but there is a reason why I want Less to reflect the new year and the months to come.

Buy Less things

I don’t need much. In all actuality, most of the things we buy we want. We shop to fill uncomfortable voids. We buy a new gadget and it feels good for a week, and then our love for this new object loses its excitement. I don’t want more things in my life. Because the more things I have, the more anxiety rules my life. The more I get sucked into thinking I need the newest and nicest things. But I don’t. I don’t want more things.

I do however want to make more memories with friends. I do want to go on more road trips with my adventure pup. I do want to spend more nights sleeping under the stars. I do want to do more of the things that make my soul swoon. Memories over things in 2017.

Complain Less

Making a habit of complaining is a one-way ticket to nowhere good. The more we complain, the less we appreciate the good things in our lives. So much that we can have 100 things in our lives going perfectly, and then one bad or uncomfortable event happens and we’re left focused on the negative.

By complaining less, we can keep our heads and hearts clear enough to have gratitude for all of the good things. And by shifting our focus to the good things, we realize how much is truly right and wonderful in our world. By focusing on the positive, the universe always brings more of the good things to us.

Take On Less

I’ve found that doing less work can be extremely difficult. There is always fear that if an offer is there, you must take it for security purposes. But this year I will do my best to take on less, take on what I can comfortably handle, what provides me with what I need, and most importantly, what reflects what I truly want to do.

This is an important life lesson that everyone must master if they want to keep their sanity and their happiness. You have to learn to say no, and to avoid taking on more than you can chew. Do what you love. Do what you can. And make sure you are still making time to live.

Worry Less

I can’t tell you how good I am at worrying. If it was a professional and olympic sport, I can confidently say I’d walk away with at least a silver medal. But I want to worry less this year. I think we all do. By now we all know that worrying doesn’t do us any favors. It harms our health. It causes us pain that doesn’t have to exist in our lives. So this year I want to worry less. I want to let life unfold the way it’s meant to without trying to control or worry over the outcomes.

In making my intention for 2017 Less, I will have More. So with that I ask you, what are your intentions for 2017?


Written By Jamie Fleetwood


Jamie is a Midwest transplant currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a writer, creator, and wanderer who enjoys road trips, photography, and getting lost. She encourages others to live life their own way by sharing the nomadic pitstops of her life through photos and words from the heart.

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