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How to Snag an Urbane Space


First things first…we have to get you on our availability page. You can get their by clicking the link that says AVAILABLE APTS at the top of our website or you can stop by our office and we can show you. There you will find the full list of every apartment we have available as far out as we know of. You will see each listing is in order by date and also gives you pricing, pictures and floor plans. Lots of good stuff! Now, you can only see apartments that say “AVAILABLE NOW.” Otherwise you have to wait until the date you see listed. Keep in mind that all apartment are available to rent at anytime even if they are not available to view…don’t miss out!!

Once you have your eye on a specific apartment, you have a few options…

  • If the unit is “AVAILABLE NOW” then you are welcome to set up a time to take a look. We have a super cool touring method called GO SOLO. This means that you will come by our office for a quick meet and greet, grab a key to the property and head out all on your own to walk through. Super easy and NO PRESSURE! When you are done you bring the key back and let us know what you think.
  • If the unit is not yet available to view, you can wait until the date listed and then set up an appointment to view as long as it hasn’t already rented or you can rent the apartment site unseen.

When you are ready to take your space off the market, we will need the following to get the process started:

  • $300 hold fee: This can be done with a check or credit card ($10 processing fee for a credit card). You must do this in order to take the apartment off the market and have your application run.
  • A completed application: This is found in several places right on our website and must be completed online. There is a $25 application fee per applicant.
  • Income Verification: One months worth of paycheck stubs, a letter from your employer stating your gross yearly income or another approved form.

Once we have all of the above, we will run your application and get your move in set up! Lease paperwork and move in info is all sent to your email for electronic signature apx 1 week before your move in. On your move in date, you bring us the required documents and monies and we hand over the keys to your new headquarters! Simple, right?!

Urbane Offers a Freedom Lease, We got you covered,…………….Click Here —>Urbane Freedom Lease

Couple key points…

  • Once you leave your $300 hold fee, it is non-refundable if you cancel for any reason. It will only be refunded if you are not approved when we run your application.
  • Utilities are not included but we do offer FREE wifi at the property.
  • Security deposit is either $800 or 1.5 months rent…this is based on how your application comes back.
  • We only offer automatically renewing leases so note your lease end date and let us know what your plans are at least 30 days before the lease is up.

Now lets find you new digs!! Take a look below to see just how Urbane Go Solo Tours work!

Urbane GO SOLO Tours