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Urbane Herb Gardens

Make an herb garden they said, it will be fun they said…

Drive up to E 6th St in downtown Royal oak and you will find Urbane on Sixth. As you will pass our beautiful little community with a courtyard, flowers that will greet you if you park in the back, and an herb garden that anyone can use to spice up their next meal. I always imagined that one of the luxurious things about living in an apartment community was having your yard work and gardening done for you. When living in Urbane, this is still the case, but there is something magical about putting your hands in the dirt and creating new life.

When I moved to Royal Oak in April, I was presented with the opportunity of making an herb garden for the community on 6th St. I spent many years in Ohio maintaining my own garden, growing herbs and strawberries, and even pumpkins in the fall. Bringing my love of gardening with me was like bringing a piece of home.

Building your own garden and dedicating time to something new may seem daunting, but there are benefits that really make it worthwhile. Diversity in your meals, for example, is a huge advantage. Adding colour and flavor to your plate not only has creative advantages, but health advantages, as well. It’s also a great conversation starter and is new piece of life that you have created that can’t talk back to you or refuse to clean its room.

I have learned many things in the years that I have doing gardening that I wish I had known before so that I could have saved time and tried growing more things.

  • Tomatoes are very selfish with their water consumption, so make sure if you have other plants around them, you use a little extra water. My poor jalapeño plant didn’t stand a chance against them.
  • Rosemary may seem easy enough to grow, but it grows at a snail’s pace. The upside is that bugs aren’t attracted to it.
  • The easiest thing to grow if you want to start a garden is mint. I am convinced that you could put the seeds on concrete and the mint would still grow, as long as you water it. That might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but mint grows like a weed. If you are looking to start somewhere, I would suggest mint. All you need to do is take a leave of mint and put it in a cup of water in a sunny spot and let the mint do its magic. In a few days, the mint will have sprouted some roots and all that’s left to do is replant it in some soil. Mint, like tomatoes, are kind of greedy with water, though, so make sure to plant it separately.

If you’re not the kind to get on your hands and knees in the garden, but you’re interested in growing a few things for your next meal, there are plenty of things you can grow right in your kitchen!

Rosemary, chives, and parsley are all great and they make awesome growing buddies.

Sage, thyme, and rosemary, also good to grow together. They all require less moisture than herbs like mint.

Mint (See plant succubus definition), basil, and cilantro all need a lot of space and water, but are perfectly fine to grow inside, so long as you have a large pot.

Gardening might seem like a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of pay off. The time you spend watching one more Netflix episode or taking one more BuzzFeed quiz, you could be starting something new and amazing.

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This article authored by MJ;

Professional photographer, writer, fluent in sarcasm, and garden connoisseur. MJ Elizabeth is on a mission to open your minds and hearts with the art of gardening while keeping everyone entertained on short rambles of living in a new city. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, and now a proud Royal Oak resident. Favorites: Vintage anything, the smell of the library, writing with the perfect pen, Toms Oyster Bar, and dirty martini’s.

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