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The Royal Oak Farmer’s Market: Characters

Last week, we posted a “nuts and bolts” look at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market.  Check that post out here for a description of the market, its hours, etc.  While some delicious heirloom tomatoes and dozens of varieties of fresh apples could provide one with motivation enough to schlep over to the Farmer’s Market at 316 E. 11 Mile Road, the local characters working and shopping there provide the reason you will want to keep going back.

On a recent visit to the Farmer’s Market, we met several of these characters.  While we can’t profile everyone that we met, we thought it would be fun to tell you about a few.

1.  The Uhlianuk’s

Third generation farmer Uncle George and fourth generation nephew Tyler Uhlianuk sell a variety of produce every week at the Farmer’s Market.  They have a great time while they are doing it, too.  This is my favorite stop for tomatoes.  Here’s another photo of their product:

2.  Vic the Breadman

If you enter the Farmer’s Market from the south, you’ll encounter Vic’s bread stall on the left.  He has a wide variety of savory and sweet breads, available sliced or whole.  I love the cranberry cinnamon bread!  Vic has been baking bread and bringing it to the Farmer’s Market for over seven years.

3.  Don Cinzori, Cinzori Farms

Don has been a certified organic farmer since 1985 and has been a fixture at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market since 1999.  He claims to have the oldest, largest, organic farm in Michigan.  Check out a profile on Don’s farm by the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance here.  And here’s some more of his produce:

More “characters,” after the jump . . .

4.  Czelada Orchards

The best thing about buying from the friendly fol

ks at Czelada Orchards is that you get to try out the product before you buy.  No idea what the difference is between a Fuji and a Honeycrisp?  You’ll get a chance to try it out.  They’ll also give you great tips as to which types of apples would be more appropriate for baking a pie.

5.  Ray of Garden Art Studio

We’d be remiss if we were to only profile characters selling food.  Ray (who is a little camera shy) of Garden Art Studio, runs one of the antique shops in the market.  Here are some of his products below:

Who is your favorite “character” at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market?  Tell us about her/him in the comments section below.

5 responses to "The Royal Oak Farmer’s Market: Characters"

  1. georgiana Dec 03, 2008 at 18:39

    Bravo! Nice article. I am so sad that the harvest is ending… Thanks for all of the coverage of local color!

  2. Brandon Dec 05, 2008 at 09:28

    Thanks for the post, Georgiana. Yeah, it is sad that we won’t have so much fresh produce! A reminder to me to really take advantage of it during the summer/fall. There are too many Saturday mornings when I don’t think about it until after lunch and they’re almost closed . . .

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