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Date Night 2/2: Metro Detroit

It’s Saturday night in Motown: Time to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, or whathaveyou out for a night on the town. What to do, what to do? Well, how about these ideas? Of course, we’re always up for suggestions. Comment away!

Hitsville USA


A Midtown legend: Mario’s Restaurant

Per Metromix:

“Since 1948, Mario’s has served up fillets, fish and pastas in a warm, elegant atmosphere. Unpretentious and kind of old school, Mario’s offers ballroom dancing on weekends and is close to Detroit’s theater district. There are shuttles to select locations.”


Classy, retro vibe at Northern Lights Lounge

Per Metromix:

“Northern Lights is one of the few locations for up and coming musicians of various music genres to show their talents. It has a full-service bar and a solid reputation in the metro community for packing a punch with martinis and shots. For those who like beer, more than a dozen brands are available. The bar is open seven days a week and features a variety of daily activities, including karaoke, Latin music night, and hip-hop music night among others”

And . . . a Show

Monument Monument at the Pike Room

Classic ambient/alternative/pop/rock band makes its annual reunion show a true event, with DL Rossi, Signals, and Mike Galbraith in support. $3 cover. Tickets:

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