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Date Night 10/27: Ferndale

It’s Saturday night in Fashionable Ferndale: Time to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, or whathaveyou out for a night on the town. What to do, what to do? Well, how about these ideas? Of course, we’re always up for suggestions. Comment away!


Over 50 years of feeding Ferndaliens: Como’s.

Per the website:

“Como’s has been a Ferndale staple since 1961. Our pizzeria is always bustling with people of all ages and has the flexibility to be both a fine start or end to any night out. Our bright, welcoming dining area and outdoor patio lend a charming touch to our quaint Italian restaurant. Whether your night starts or ends at Como’s, be sure to sample what we’re famous for – Pizza!”

Drinks . . . And a Show

Combine the two and settle in at Danny’s Irish Pub.

Danny’s is about as no nonsense as bars come these days. And they’ve been doing it for awhile. No DJs, no flashing lights, and no lines to get in: Just booze, a couple TVs, and a great jukebox. Sounds like as fine a place as any to take in Game 3 of the World Series!

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