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Crowd-Funding Batch Brewing Company

558460_495333140516553_26554267_nIf you haven’t watched Batch Brewing Company’s video in support of its crowd-funding campaign, do yourself a favor and click on over HERE. That is one dapper looking brewmaster.

Crowd-funding is a means for businesses, organizations, artists, and anyone with an idea to raise funding for their project. There are a number of websites that host crowd-funding, and in the case of Batch Brewing Company, it’s indiegogo.

From theĀ Batch Brewing Company indiegogo:

Turns out, opening a brewery is pretty effing expensive. And while banks are tripping over themselves to lend money to start-ups like this, we thought we’d take our efforts right to the people: our friends, family, and community.

We like to think of this akin to a Public Radio fundraiser (the NPR dorks that we are). While a bit pesky, it’s definitely necessary. The main difference? We aren’t going to do this twice a year in perpetuity. This is our one capital-raising effort. After that, we better make great beer – and you better drink it.

One unique aspect of crowd-funding is the tiered reward system. You can give $10, $100, or $1,000, and you’ll then receive a pre-determined “prize”. And they’re often creative. Some of our favorites from Batch Brewing Company’s campaign are:

  • $50: Receive 4 Batch Brewing Company drinking jars
  • $250: Mug Club Member for Life. $1 off every beer bought
  • $1,000: Norm’s Corner. Reserved seating for the first year of the brewery’s tenure. Show up to the bar and someone’s in your seat? Tell ’em to beat it, bud. This is your seat.
  • $2,500: ‘Feelgood’ Tap Sponsor. Batch is planning on having a ‘Feelgood’ tap where $3 of every sale will be donated to a charity, changing every month. Donate at this level and you’ll have the opportunity determine a charity for the month. Doubly good!

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