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Utility payments are a joke!

May 23, 2014 by Wayne

Just received a bill for gas, sewer and trash for $250!! I had a 2,000 sq. ft. house in California and the utilities never came close to this and the apartment is only 600 sq. ft! I hate not being able to control the heat in the apartment.


May 21, 2014 by Michael S. Dudash

Thank you for the 24 hour turn around.

Awesome job!

Mike Dudash

VP - Dir. of Brokerage

Apr 17, 2014 by Michael S. Dudash

All is good @ URBANE APTS. You submit a Work Order and they get it done! Thanks for the prompt/quick response(s).

Sweet Place to Live!

Feb 18, 2014 by Jamestown

I moved to Urbane on W 6th in Royal Oak a few months ago. I was nervous when I moved in as I had not seen the apartment before signing my lease. The pictures looked awesome and the location was brilliant, but some online reviews ranked Urbane low so I didn't know what to expect. Since I have moved in, I could not be happier with my decision to live here. The onsite staff is helpful and friendly (free coffee, yes please), my maintenance requests have been finished in short order each time, and the people living here are nice. The location is supreme, there are ridiculously amusing dogs walking in and out of the building, and the apartment retains character while staying modern. This place is great!

Dec 11, 2013 by Chris

Garbage disposal got clogged up and wasn't running; I emailed maintenance in the AM; maintenance fixed my garbage disposal in the PM!

Very quick TAT, much appreciated!!

Nov 15, 2013 by Matt

I've been at Urbane on Washington for almost two years now mainly due to the close proximity to Royal Oak, half block from Oak City Grille and walking distance to all of downtown Royal Oak. I also do like the studio apartment that I live in as it is exactly what I need. Takes 15 minutes to clean thoroughly and I don't need to buy a bunch of furniture or have extra rooms I never use. Service used to be an issue for me as I would wait weeks to get a response, but they cleared an issue up for me recently in under 3 days.

Only gripes I have now is that the washing machine can get loud and when the buildings heat is cranked up there seems to be a loud banging of pipes or something. Although I can run the washing machine while at work and I don't consciously notice the banging pipes anymore.

All in all, good spot for location and sleek apartment, but a couple downsides. Also, I wouldn't live here with another person or with any medium to large sized pet... just my 2 cents...

Improved customer service

Oct 25, 2013 by Chris

When I first moved in almost a year, I had some maintenance problems that took forever (weeks) to be resolved. It was frustrating. But now, it seems the customer service focus has improved over the year.

I now have a great relationship with the Urbane staff, and everyone has been super friendly and responsive. Heather and Nicole have been great and will do their best to correct a bad situation. I love the location (proximity to downtown Ferndale) and my unit is just perfect for my needs. All this combined will help my decision whether to renew my lease in January, which I'm leaning toward doing.

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It is what it is

Oct 23, 2013 by Kate

I live at 4312 West 13 Mile (Near Greenfield) and my experience so far has been okay.

- I have had a very different experience with maintenance than others have listed. So far I've put through four maintenance requests and all have been responded to and fixed quickly (within two days).

- I've lived here for two months... four maintenance requests. They're clear on their site that they have just "modernized" older apartments, so be aware that means a paint job and some modern accessories. Things break... a lot. They fix everything I've encountered, so I consider that a plus. But knowing what I know now, I can say confidently the apartment's value is far under what they are charging for rent.

- Dog Friendly: I love that it is and it's a big perk for me, but I highly recommend dog owners stay away from this location. The review below me is pretty right on with the lack of grass, poop overload (that's the owners' fault... not Urbane's) and garbage. I would add that my dog and I (in two months) have nearly been hit by cars twice that come peeling out down the driveway at night. The limit is 5mph, but those signs aren't really visible and none of it is well lit. Two months... two VERY close calls.

-My experiences with the staff have been really good. They're friendly, things get taken care of and I hear back quickly when needed. The units themselves are "meh," particularly after you're in them for a bit, but it's a fit for someone in need of a place fast, which I was. I can't imagine staying past the year lease, but I don't think retention is really the point of Urbane.

Awful place

Sep 27, 2013 by Tom

Building 4316 at 13 mile and Greenfield...a complete DUMP!!!! I dont even know where to begin... the apartment stinks, it was def never cleaned before we moved in. My room had piss soaked carpet that took them 2 weeks to replace, so i had to sleep on my couch. The lights on the outside of the building are always out. Taking your dog out to do his business and night is not safe. They call themselves a pet friendly complex, yet there is almost no grass around the complex for pets to use. So all the dogs have to try and use the poop covered grass that all the other dogs use. Oh plus i forgot that my dog caught a flee worm 1 week after we moved in...vet bill for that was $$$. I had to flee bomb my apartment. We have to walk past and around a dumpster every time he has to use the bathroom...the dumpster has trash all around it thats never cleaned up...which every dog tries to eat. Its takes 10 minutes to get hot water in all the sinks and shower. Maintenance is a joke...office staff do not care when you need any assistance. Wifi is a joke too...very weak signal or its out half the time. Dont let the free Wifi fool you... I had to purchase Wifi through Comcast. I'm only here because they allow pets. I moved up here on extremely short notice for a job transfer from NC. FYI, these are not all the issues I've had. All all this for just $1050 a month!!!This place sucks... i cant wait the get out of here in the spring. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone EVER!!!

Really bad customer service

Aug 16, 2013 by Kathleen

I've lived in many apartment complexes and have always been treated really well... this is not the case at Urbane.

The previous office manager Naomi was GREAT, super nice and helpful, the current office manager is not.

She is slow to get back to you with responses and often is hostile (in emails... she puts this in writing!!)

The inside of the apartments are great, the appliances work, and the bamboo floors are beautiful... however...

1) Often many if not all of the exterior lights of the building are not turned on at night... SUPER SCARY AND UNSAFE.
2) As summer turned to winter, the heat was disabled and not turned back on. I had to call several times to ask them to turn the heat on. It eventually was turned on however I never received a call back.
3) I thought I had bedbugs and called them on a Friday in a panic. Their office is open all weekend... it took them until Monday afternoon to call me back.
4) I put in a service request... waited a month and did not hear anything back. When I followed up, I was told (again, in writing!!) that maintenance lost my apartment key and I could come and give them a new one. WHAT?!?!? I asked them to change my locks because who the heck knows where my key is... they stopped returning my emails.
5) The exterior of the building/ stairwells are disgusting. Paint peeling, filthy, spiderwebs, cigarette butts everywhere, etc. NEVER cleaned.

I give them two stars because the first office manager was amazing and the location/ interior of the building is awesome. Everything else... not so great.

the urbane life , USA 3.2 5.0 49 49 Just received a bill for gas, sewer and trash for $250!! I had a 2,000 sq. ft. house in California and the utilities never came close to this and the apartment is only 600 sq. ft!