Mark H. Stowers I hail from the land of Faulkner, Grisham and Elvis and love to write about all things, especially sports. Sports writing has been in my blood since 1980 when as a high school junior, I sprained my knee on the basketball court. The local weekly paper needed someone to write up post and preview action of my high school and I jumped at the $5.00 a week opportunity. Full disclosure allows me to tell you I’m an Ole Miss Rebel, Miami Dolphin, Boston Celtic and Indianola Academy Colonel fan but my job makes me write from the facts and not so much the heart most of the time. Now With more than 30 years of professional writing experience, I have worked in automotive, advertising, marketing, public relations, creative and technical, as well as news/sports/entertainment and column writing from Mississippi to California to Michigan and parts unknown in between. In Michigan since 1993, I work with several newspapers, advertising agencies and national and local magazines through my freelance company, Prime Time Penguin Unlimited LLC.

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Greatest Olympian Ever…Not Michael Phelps

August 6, 2012

  NBC has inundated us all with their version of the Olympics. Swimming kidnapped the main stage and all of prime time TV the past two weeks and right in the middle of it was Michael Phelps – the golden boy. Maybe they should call him Flipper. He is faster than lightning. Anyway, Phelps...
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Sports Dreams – Alive and Well in Northern Michigan

July 30, 2012

  Queen Elizabeth parachuting out of a helicopter with James Bond was dang-skippy cool. Let’s hope the rest of the Olympics are just as great and entertaining. Now it’s still summertime and the sport of summer is always baseball or some form there of. Whether you’re a T-ball coach, minor/little league parent or a...
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Feet of Clay

July 23, 2012
Feet of Clay

  There’s something innate, something inside of us as humans – we remember the bad stuff for some reason. The time you got sick on vacation, the strange gift you got for a birthday, the people that hurt you in life… It’s sad when the great stuff in life gets overshadowed. A big fish...
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Nadia Broke the System – Literally

July 16, 2012

  There are those athletes that change the game. Rules are revised, rewritten and revoked in order to accommodate the presence and dominance of special athletes. In basketball, the lane was widened to keep behemoth centers from clogging and terrorizing opponents. They added a three second violation to keep it clear of these trudging...
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The All Star Stage – Major League Baseball

July 9, 2012

  For the past 83 years the best of the best in baseball have come together to compete. The American League greats go head to head against stars of the National League. It’s truly the best all star game. This year’s game takes place in Kansas City at Kaufman Stadium. The NFL has become...
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I am an Olympian – Not…

July 2, 2012

  Bike riding and swimming – stuff we all did as kids and many continue to do. I had an early 1970s, yellow, Schwinn Manta Ray. At least I think it was a Manta Ray. In researching photos from that era, it’s the closest I’ve found. I don’t remember ever reading what was written...
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Around the Horn of Sports….Well, at least basketball and tennis…

June 25, 2012

  So the “little king” got his ring. LeBron and company found a way and got their NBA championship over the Oklahoma City Thunder/Seattle Supersonics. Ok, that’s enough of that. It’s time for Wimbledon, you know that time every summer when the Brits get together, mow their favorite tennis court and serve a bunch...
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Sports Daddy

June 18, 2012

Sports Daddy   We met Gordie Howe one Saturday morning while eating breakfast. (Gordie Howe, Alexandra, Me, Anna…i forgot his dog’s name, i think it was named after one of his hockey nemesises)   With Father’s Day just having been celebrated, who’s the greatest dad in sports? Now we’ve all seen the horror of...
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The Dream Team – 20 years later. It was true. Jordan Dissed Isaiah. And I’m glad he did…

June 11, 2012
Jordan Thomas

  Basketball was invented and perfected in America. And when the world came together for the highest level of amateur competition, America’s trophy cabinet was all Gold. Except for 1972 when the Russians “stole” the Gold medal in a farce of a game that is still hotly disputed. Our team never accepted their Silver...
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NFL Needs You — to Ref

June 4, 2012

  Do you look good in stripes? How about a white hat? Do you have Thursday nights, Monday nights and Sunday afternoons free? Great, the NFL is looking for you. It seems the NFL referees haven’t come to an agreement with the league on a contract. Wow, labor problems in a professional sport. How...
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Would Today’s Athlete Cut it in Today’s Military?

May 28, 2012

Would Today’s Athlete Cut it in Today’s Military?   Ted Williams gave up five years of his Major League Baseball career to serve two different tours of service. Not in the beginning, not in the twilight of his career, but right when he at his peak. There are scores of others who served in...
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Charlie Adams Helps High School Athletes Navigate The Next Level

May 21, 2012

  Charlie Adams Helps High School Athletes Navigate The Next Level Understanding college recruiting and scholarship opportunities are his love. He stood 6-feet, 5-inches in high school but only 160-pounds, Charlie Adams didn’t have anyone in his corner telling him to try basketball. That he may be good at it, that he may even...
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