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I’m a total Dead-head. Not because I’m a fan of The Grateful Dead, no…not even. I’m completely hooked on The Walking Dead, glued like a…well…zombie to the television every Sunday on AMC at 9pm.

Admittedly, I didn’t start watching the show until mid-December. My husband and I caught up quickly, though. Midnight Dead marathons, every single night, until we got to Season 3 Episode 8…the mid-season break. Thank goodness for Netflix!

I waited, growling and impatient, until the season began again on February 10th. And I was somewhat disappointed in the episode I had waited for, what seemed like, an eternity. It was slow and somewhat boring. And, to be honest, Rick and his little episode at the end…annoyed me. I get it, he’s been under quite a bit of stress since he woke up in the hospital to find the world overrun by zombies. But still…I need him to be strong. So does the group of survivors he leads. I hope he snaps out of these little grief induced psychotic episodes because I’m going to have to step in and slap him to his senses.

Anywho. Where Episode 9 was a bit disappointing, Episode 10 redeemed itself.

Rick is still following his dead wife around. Daryl is beginning to realize, in his wanderings with his brother, that Merle is a douchecanoe. Glenn is shouldering a burden of responsibility because he is next in charge after Rick. And the rest of the characters are sitting in the prison, waiting for things to calm down while they take care of a newborn baby.

Back in Woodbury, the Governor is plotting to plant bullets in brains…and not just zombies. He leads a little group over to the prison where they have a shoot out, killing Axel mid-sentence and in front of Carol, poor girl. Hershel hides amongst tall grass which, how that is a shield for flying bullets is beyond me. I’ll give him a break though, he did lose a leg to a zombie bite.

Gun shots are fired, people are down and zombies are released into the prison field. Good news is Daryl is back…I cheered. Yeah, he’s my Red neck/Walking Dead crush. What? But, that means Merle is back in the fold, too. For now. But, my prediction is…Merle will end up being the one to kill the Governor in a future episode, just to prove himself to Rick and the rest of them.

We…well, I…am still waiting for Tyreese and his little group to come back after they ran out so quickly in episode 9. Rick and his psychotic tantrum scared them off. Temporarily? Let’s hope so, they are running out of live bodies.

Our little group still remains intact. Shaken, not stirred. Oh sorry, this isn’t James Bond.

So, now I sit and wait…somewhat impatiently…for Sunday at 9pm as this saga continues to pick up pace and kick zombie buttocks.

If you watch The Walking Dead, we’d love to hear your thoughts, predictions and comments down there in the comment section!

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  • cletch

    Yeah Rick’s craziness grated me too.  Somehow having Laurie be a vision of warning is more palatable than thinking he’s off his nut.  Looking forward to see if Andrea connects with her old friends and discovers how evil the Governor truly is.