Create an online dating profile that POPS

creating an online dating profile that pops

Online dating sites are the new matchmaker. So many people have found their soul-mates through online dating. There are so many different varieties of sites with more popping up daily. It makes dating just a little bit easier.

The key to being the popular person, the one that gets all the winks, nods and approaches, is in an online dating profile that stands out amongst the sea of singles.

Honesty is the best policy: Be real. Share your true self on the profile. Well, share as much as you feel comfortable with sharing. But be honest. Avoid hinting on things are far from the truth. It’s ok if you’re not America’s next top model or the next Bill Gates. Just don’t allude to unreal facts, it will just end up backfiring.

Don’t Do Desperation: Coming off as desperate is a turn-off, even offline. On the dating sites, set your guidelines to resemble what you want your real partner to embody. When you set the perimeters to widely you’ll just end up bummed about the people responding to your profile. Be in control of your dating destiny, that’s why there are so many options to choose from.

Be Positively Positive: You might find it funny when you write “no freaks allowed” or other such lines but the truth is, it’s not funny. It comes across as cynical or insulting. Be as positive as possible.

What’s in a name?: Well, when it comes to dating sites, everything is in a name. Avoid using your full name for safety reasons, though. Play around with telling words. Are you romantic? Life of the party? Serious? Use a thesaurus and come up with clever. Combine an adjective with a noun and you’re good to go.

Pictures speak 1,000 words: Choose an image that is recent and looks most like the person who will actually show up on the date. It’s always a letdown when the person you thought you were talking to looks nothing like the shared picture. If you have a friend who is stellar at photography, perhaps enlist their help for a headshot.

Helluva Headline: Besides the picture, the headline is the grabber. Be clever and kitchy. If you’re a catch, come up with a creative way to announce why someone should continue clicking. Clever announcements and proclamations are great attention catchers and make for successful online profiles.

Remember, you’re online dating profile is there to represent YOU. Present it in a way that you’d want to be seen!

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Melissa Brodsky

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