The Badman Returns to Ferndale: Look Out!

Believe it or not, Ferndale Blues and Music Festival favorite Luther ‘Badman’ Keith didn’t start playing the guitar until he was well into his 30s. And it wasn’t until Keith was in his 40s when he played his first show.

My, how things have picked up for the Badman.

Keith will be playing his 10th consecutive Ferndale Blues and Music Festival this year. Indicative of his popularity at the festival, Keith will be playing two sets. The first was a January 25th show at Buffalo Wild Wings. A second show is scheduled for February 1st at Howe’s Bayou.

Last year, Keith said his brand of blues draws from a variety of influences, even incorporating rock, funk and soul. There is, however, a constant theme that runs throughout Keith’s sets.

“I like to make my shows fun, high energy,” said Keith.

While Keith may play a couple cover tunes, the bluesman is actually a well-esteemed songwriter. Keith has been nominated for several Detroit Music Awards. He won the 2007 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Blues Songwriter.

Keith’s latest CD, his third, is titled Blues Nation and was released on the BMB Record Label. It has earned rave reviews from a number of blues music critics and sources.

Keeping in line with his fun, high energy attitude toward shows, Keith’s songs highlight his sense of humor. Popular songs include “Menopause Woman” (“I got a menopause woman / All the men pause when the girl walks in”) and Gonna Give Up Drinking (“I’m gonna give up drinking / Until I drink again”). Keith’s songs complement his notion that “you play the blues to the lose the blues.”

“It’s all about fun and putting smiles on peoples faces,” said Keith, in an interview last year. “That’s the best part about the blues, making people feel good and smile through good and bad times.”

See Luther ‘Badman’ Keith after dinner at Howe’s Bayou on February 1st.

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Mike G

Mike G

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