Playing Favorites: Our ‘Must See’ Picks for the Ferndale Blues & Music Festival

If you’re unfamiliar with the bands and musicians that are playing the 2013 Ferndale Blues & Music Festival, we could see how that enormous list of performances might be daunting. So we’ve decided to handicap the schedule for you, and maybe make things a little easier on you. Of course, any performance you choose has the potential to be exhilarating, these are just little nuggets of bluesy suggestion.

Monday 1/28

Ryan Dillaha at One-Eyed Betty’s @ 8:30pm

Forever nattily dressed (like any good bluesman), Dillaha may not be a blues player per se, but the guy knows his way around a song, that’s for sure. Excellent songwriter.

Tuesday 1/29

Festival Open Mic at Dino’s Lounge @ 9pm

Maybe you play yourself. Or maybe you’re wanting a little variety throughout the night. Either way, you’re guaranteed some great performances from some of the most talented songwriters in the country: Detroiters.

Wednesday 1/30

All Star Blues Jam at the New Way Bar @ 9pm

This place is pumping out blues all year round, so expect some talented cats to be taking the stage.

Thursday 1/31

Beth Stalker at John D. Bistro @ 9pm

Not just a pretty face, this singer/songwriter, recording artist, and model can SING.

Friday 2/1

Luther ‘Badman’ Keith at Howe’s Bayou ‘after dinner’

You wanna hear the blues? Then you gotta see the Badman. This guy is the real deal and entertaining as all get out.

Saturday 2/2

The Reefermen at Dino’s Lounge @ 9:30pm

Local legends when it comes to the bar scene. These guys are big time and always put on a great show.

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Mike G

Mike G

Mike G is a songwriter and local musician, freelance writer, baseball enthusiast, lover of travel, and a terrible mechanic. When MJ graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Creative Writing, he was immediately barraged with 'questions' of "What are you gonna do, teach?" He is determined to not get a job teaching. So far, so good. With music, MJ's traveled the country touring on his songs. Having spent time in places from Chicago to Seattle, LA to New Orleans, and Nashville to NYC, he is convinced that Detroit and its 'burbs have the the highest concentration of 'native' songwriting talent anywhere. Eat it, New York. You too, LA. MJ started writing for the Urbane Life in the summer of 2011. He also writes for a handful of other websites as well as an immigration lawyer. He used to work in a publishing house. He's glad he's out.