Pasta and Shrimp Casserole on a Cold Winter Night

The Michigan winters here can be brutal. Cold, snowy and grey. One thing missing for most of the winter are the ever growing stable of Food Trucks around town. With a 50 percent drop in sales, it makes being open in the winter pretty tough.

One Food Truck operator, Dago Joe’s decided to offset the winter blues with a line of pasta sauce. Their tagline Finally a Pasta Sauce That Doesn’t Suck! 

We Had to Try It

We tend to do a lot of casseroles in the winter, makes for a great dinner with leftovers for a lunch or two during the week. Off to Westborn Market we went in search of Pasta Sauce! Wandering around Westborn is worth the trip itself. Nothing is laid out like the typical square block grocery store, more like an old world market.What was originally a corner fruit stand has grown into an International Marketplace.  The stores reflect a unique combination of the fresh produce, choice meats, gourmet groceries, beautiful flowers and fine wines. I always come home with more than what is on my list.

Back to the Pasta Sauce That Dosen’t Suck

Sure enough, there is was, and they even had their own kiosk! The two sauces claim to be handcrafted thick and tasty  made flavorfully and healthy. Seems like a good start

Lush Sauce: This sauce is Fat free, but you wouldn’t know it!  Similar to a marinara, but much bolder and full of flavor.  Lush sauce is great by itself, but much better on meatballs or pasta.  It’s got a tiny kick, but won’t hurt the crybabies.

Racy Olive Sauce: Another Dago Joe’s original.  A spicy, rich, bold and sexy low fat tomato sauce with kalamata and manzanilla olives. It has just enough heat without ruining the flavor of the sauce. There is no fishy flavor as in Puttanesca sauces.

Shrimp Casserole

Back from our gourmet grocery run we whipped up some pasta. While draining and cooling we saluted shrimp and mushrooms over medium heat in olive oil, with some garlic and basil. We mixed the concoction together with grated mozzarella cheese and a jar of Dago Joe’s Lush Sauce.

Oven baked for forty five minutes, then topped with parmesan cheese made for a wonderful comfort food dinner, with several lunch leftovers!

What is your favorite casserole recipe?        

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