Ferndale Blues & Music Festival Schedule

It’s that time of year again. That time when we bundle ourselves up, scrape the ice off the windshield, and head toward Ferndale, where the 6th annual Ferndale Blues & Music Festival is set to take place from January 25th to February 2nd.

Curious who’s playing? Read on!

Friday 1/25

Boogie Fever Cafe: Disco Dance Party, DJ / 8:00pm

Buffalo Wild Wings: Luther “Badman” Keith / 10:00pm

Como’s: Lady Champagne and the Motor City Blues Crew / 9:30pm

Dino’s: Luddites / 9:30pm

Grasshopper Underground: COYO from Barcelona / 10:00pm

Howe’s Bayou: Maggie McCabe w/ Howard Glazer / After Dinner

John D Bistro: Rob Play, NYC DJ

Local Kitchen: The Nighthawks Jazz Orchestra / 8:00pm-Midnight

Max Dugan’s / Hazel Park: Carl Henry / 9:00pm

One-Eyed Betty’s: Jennifer Westwood & The Waycross Georgia Farmboys / 9:30pm

Rosie O’Grady’s: Ashley Francy / 7-8:30pm — Steve Cox & Detroit Hammers / 9-11:00pm

Sneakers: Karaoke / 9:00pm

Saturday 1/26

Easy Like Sundae: Cody Hughes, Acoustic Rap / 2:00pm — Fuzzgun (FHS Student) Two Man Rock Band / 3:00pm

Como’s: Howard Glazer & EL-34s / 9:00pm

Dino’s: Saints of Soul / 9:30pm

Grasshopper Underground: Dabura from Chicago / 10:00pm

Howe’s Bayou: Branching Out / After Dinner

John D Bistro: Jenny LaFemme DJ

Max Dugan’s: Geezer Band / 9:00pm

One-Eyed Betty’s: The Carl Henry Band / 9:30pm

Sneakers: Karaoke

Sunday 1/27

One-Eyed Betty’s: Erich Goebel & The Flying Crowbars / 8:30pm

Dino’s: TBD

SOHO: 9:00pm

Valentine Distilling Co.: Recorded Soft Jazz / Noon-6:00pm

Monday 1/28

Ferndale Elks (Upstairs Banquet Hall): St. Mary’s Prep Jazz Band & The Nighthawks Jazz Orchestra / 7:00pm

Emory: “Dine Out” – Mention Blues Festival to your server and the charities will get 25% of your check donated to them!

Dino’s: Bocco / 8:00pm

Grasshopper Pub: Resolution Breaker House Party DJ Whip / 10:00pm

One-Eyed Betty’s: Ryan Dillaha w/ Gary Indiana / 8:30pm

Tuesday 1/29

Dino’s: Festival Open Mic. Night / 9:00pm

Grasshopper Pub: DISCO!!! / 10:00pm

One-Eyed Betty’s: Broken Arrow Blues / 8:30pm

Wednesday 1/30

Dino’s: Karaoke Fest. / 9:00pm

Grasshopper Pub: Bruce Baily, Phill Tha Mixx, Malik Alston / 10:00pm

One-Eyed Betty’s: The Bobby Murray Band / 8:30pm

New Way Bar: All Star Blues Jam / 9:00pm

SOHO: Karaoke / 9:00pm

Thursday 1/31

John D. Bistro: Beth Stalker / 9:00pm

Dino’s: Ashley Fransh and Josh Meyer / 8:00pm

Grasshopper Pub: Deeps Sessions Detroit * DJ Minx Womenonwax / 10:00pm

Local Kitchen: Chris Brantley / 10:00pm

One-Eyed Betty’s: Jackson Smith / 9:30pm

Sakana: DJ Strangeways Radio / 9:00pm

Sneakers: Karaoke

Friday 2/1

Boogie Fever Cafe: Disco Dance Party – DJ / 8:00pm

Bosco: Matthew Kysia / 8-10:30pm New Wine & Coffee Drinks Light Apps Menu

Charter Township of Royal Oak Rec. Dept.: Champagne & The Motor City Blues Crew / 6:30-8:30pm

Como’s: TBD

Dino’s: Vinyl Underground / 9:30pm

Grasshopper Underground: DJ Aboudi & DJ Abrol / 10:00pm

Ferndale Public Library: The Walking Beat & Danny Kroha / 7:30-9:30pm

Howe’s Bayou: Luther “Bad Man” Keith / After Dinner

John D. Bistro: Rob Play, NYC DJ

Max Dugan’s: Todd Fostery / 9:00pm

One-Eyed Betty’s: Rollie Tussing / 9:30pm

Rosie O’Grady’s: Goes Country

Tony’s Sports Bar: Albert Young & The Straight 8s / 9:00pm

Sneakers: Karaoke / 9:00pm

Saturday 2/2

BBQ Rib Burn Out SIX Tent: Noon – 7:00pm – Sun Messengers / 5:00pm

Como’s: Howard Glazer & EL-34s / 9:00pm

Dino’s (Inside): The Reefermen / 9:30pm

Grasshopper Pub: FUNK / 10:00pm

Howe’s Bayou: Branching Out / After Dinner

John D. Bistro: Jenny LaFemme DJ

Max Dugan’s: Sweet Claudette / 9:00pm

One-Eyed Betty’s: Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys / 9:30pm

Sneakers: Karaoke

Tony’s Sports Bar: Albert Young & The Straight 8s / 9:00pm

Wednesday 2/6

Kulick Community Center: Ferndale School Band / TBD

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Mike G

Mike G

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