Let’s get MO-tivated!


I am so happy to be back with the Urbane Group,it’s always great to connect back with my fellow Michiganders!  That being said let’s jumps right into why I am back, who the hek I am, and why NOW is the perfect time for you to read on.

My name is Monica but many call me coach MO.  As an avid health and fitness professional for over 10 years, I want to first shed some light on  how I came to be such an advocate in this industry.  I started out as an unhealthy teen that ate a very poor diet, and was overweight.  I can tell you that as a young teenager, there are enough pressures in the world at that age without throwing in weight issues, self-confidence issues and mood swings.  I was always active in sports, but that just was not enough.  I knew I needed a change, and at around 16yrs of age I made my mom get me the Billy Blanks Tae Bo exercise program and that was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Since I began that journey, lost the weight, and gained my confidence, I began to find myself.  I became a personal trainer, health and wellness coach, and even competed in figure shows.  It was a very personal journey and my route may not work for the next person however having been around the block as far as weight loss, dieting, setting goals and sticking to them, (as well as the many other challenges in being healthy) I hope that by sharing my experience and knowledge will allow others to connect to something within themselves that they can relate to and help them with their own health goals.

That being said, I know this is one of the most difficult times for people to remain healthy and stick to their weight loss goals.  I grew up in Michigan and remember all too well during the winter how easy it was to go back to old patterns of “I’ll just workout tomorrow”, and stay in snacking, eating hot chocolate by the fire and hibernating on the couch.   That’s ok ONCE in a while, but the main problem is actually quite psychological, especially when the majority of our moods go down due to the lack of Vitamin D from the Sun being gone and the presence of gloomy days.

Below I have listed some tips that may seem small but really work, and have helped me to stay motivated when I become my own worst enemy. Anything is better than nothing, and your heart will thank you.   There are many variations of “being active” during the winter, so hopefully something in this blog will spark some interest for you to go and break a sweat today!

Top Five Mind Tricks to Stay Motivated During the Winter:

  1. Sleep in your workout gear- this is a little trick that I have used so that I am already set to go in the morning and only have to put my shoes on, plug in the headphones and hit the gym!
  1. Partner up with a friend- this holds you accountable to work out because you don’t want to let your friend down or appear like you are giving up.  It’s even better if you take turns carpooling!  I remember days I didn’t feel like working out but once my friend showed up in her gear, I had no excuse!
  1. VISUALIZE!  Over 80% of people are visual, and often times we look at ourselves in the mirror every day and get discouraged when we don’t see any changes in our bodies.  If you hang a photo of either yourself at your best/someone who’s body you admire, then you are more likely to stay motivated and on track!  I also find short video’s online of my fellow fitness peeps such as this video you can check out for yourself (warning: it’s pretty hard core, but then again that’s the point!):


  1. Buy yourself Some New gear! – Make working out fun!  Whether you are a guy or girl, you would be amazed how motivating it can be to put on a brand new workout outfit.  When you look good you feel good, and this has helped me through many of my plateaus in training.
  1. Change it up-  You need to change your workout routines not just to stay motivated, but also because your body needs to be tricked in order to produce results.  Tired of the hour long workout?  Do a 30 min circuit blast, or try a Zumba class and ditch the weights for a day . The point here is to do something different and continue to evolve and you will also continue to see your body evolve .


Try and apply one ore more of these tips and see if it helps you to view working out differently.  Make it fun, not a chore, and your mind will eventually change it to a “want” not a “have to”.  So go out there today and get MOtivated!

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