Date Night 11/17: Ferndale

It’s Saturday night in Fashionable Ferndale: Time to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, or whathaveyou out for a night on the town. What to do, what to do? Well, how about these ideas? Of course, we’re always up for suggestions. Comment away!


One of Ferndale’s dining scene all stars: Ethiopian food at the Blue Nile.

Per the website:

“To Ethiopians, sharing food is a hallmark for creating and maintaining good relationships.  According to Ethiopian culture, it is a belief that those who share and eat food from the same plate do not cheat one another and hence it is considered a way of promoting friendship and loyalty.”


Delicious caffeine drinks. Delicious alcohol drinks. Torino Espresso Bar.

Per Metromix:

“Grabbing a half-caf, no-foam, non-fat vanilla soy latte from your corner coffee shop just got a little more stimulating thanks to three friends who teamed up to create an Italian coffee house in Ferndale. Torino Espresso Bar opened in July on the ground floor of the Lofts on 9 on East Nine Mile Road. Built from the ground up, the Italian coffee house serves all the brewed and iced coffees you’d expect from a decent java hut, but with the added benefit of cocktails, wines and martinis.”

And . . . a Show

Comedic hi-jinks at GoComedy! Improv Theater.

Per the website:

“Improv (short for improvisation) is a form of theater that is created before an audience. The most famous example is the TV show “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” Improv is similar to sketch comedy, except that there are no scripts. None of it exists before the lights come up. The audience offers suggestions for scenes or songs and the cast makes them up on the spot. This means every show is original. Every scene is done for the first and last time. Every night we’re open there’s something new on stage and if you miss it, it’s gone forever.”

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Mike G

Mike G

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