Date Night 10/20: Ferndale

It’s Saturday night in Fashionable Ferndale: Time to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, or whathaveyou out for a night on the town. What to do, what to do? Well, how about these ideas? Of course, we’re always up for suggestions. Comment away!


Upscale, not uptight at Dino’s Lounge.

Per the website:

“Dino’s is renowned as a friendly, classy place to gather with friends to enjoy a great meal, noisy Happy Hour, raucous karaoke and the best local live bands metro Detroit has to offer. The food is exceptional under the skillful hands of Dino’s Kitchen Magicians with new monthly special menus that have become famous on Twitter and Facebook.”


Sports! at Rosie O’ Grady’s Irish Pub.

Per Metromix:

“As the name would suggest, Rosie O’Grady’s is an Irish bar and restaurant. The food is high in quality and well presented, albeit unadventurous, and the service is warm and friendly. In short, Rosie O’Grady’s offers everything you would expect from a place of its type. Karaoke fans, show off your vocal prowess every Sunday starting at 9 p.m.”

And a Show

Go Comedy! All-Star Showdown.

Per the Metrotimes:

“A highly interactive improvised game show.”

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Mike G

Mike G

Mike G is a songwriter and local musician, freelance writer, baseball enthusiast, lover of travel, and a terrible mechanic. When MJ graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Creative Writing, he was immediately barraged with 'questions' of "What are you gonna do, teach?" He is determined to not get a job teaching. So far, so good. With music, MJ's traveled the country touring on his songs. Having spent time in places from Chicago to Seattle, LA to New Orleans, and Nashville to NYC, he is convinced that Detroit and its 'burbs have the the highest concentration of 'native' songwriting talent anywhere. Eat it, New York. You too, LA. MJ started writing for the Urbane Life in the summer of 2011. He also writes for a handful of other websites as well as an immigration lawyer. He used to work in a publishing house. He's glad he's out.