An Open Letter To Parents Of Bullies

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Dear Parents of Bullies,

There have been schoolyard bullies since even before there was such thing as a schoolyard, your precious little bully offspring is nothing new or original. Now, however, with the Internet, that schoolyard has become much larger than trapped within the confines of a fenced-in play area. They run rampant. And I blame you and your lack of parental monitoring.

Sadly, the proportions have become epidemic. And even more sadly, so have the subsequent suicides. It seems there is no end. No way to stop the horrible incidents from occurring. No way to protect our children from other peoples children. No way to protect MY children from YOUR children.

It’s a 24/7 event for bullies who have Internet access. And, the bullying isn’t isolated to just one lone bully, they act in groups. Hate groups hiding behind the computers mask of anonymity. It’s amazing how bullies find each other, isn’t it?

What are you parents doing while your children are online wreaking havoc? I know, it’s the million-dollar question.

Obviously, we can’t stop them because somehow, it’s in their genetic make up. My suggestion is to gather up all the bullies and put them on an island together. Let them bully each other with no one to protect them. Since that’s not realistic, how do we protect our children, what advice do we give them? I’m curious what the parent of a bully would advise us to tell our children to arm them against their children.

I’m the parent that has told my children that it’s OK to punch back. If someone is going to physically bully them, punch harder and leave a mark. I DARE their parents to say a word to me or my child. I even told my kids that, ONLY IF THEY are being bullied and they have to physically defend themselves…if they get suspended, we’ll go shopping. It’s OK.

My daughter has been a victim of those mean kids…YOUR children…ganging up on her while being online. I’ve heard her slam the computer shut and cry. I’ve held her while her little body wracked in sobs. I’ve tried to answer her “Why me?” But, my “It’s not you, it’s them” response doesn’t make the hurt go away. It doesn’t make her personality change back to the way it used to be before the bullying started. I can’t bring back that confident child that leapt and glided through life, she was emotionally beat down by those bullies.

You can’t punch through a computer screen. Ignoring doesn’t make them go away, it seems to make it escalate. What’s the answer? There must be one? Shut down the Internet? Block access to social media platforms? Nowadays, it’s a communicatory necessity. Even for kids.

I have this crazy idea, how about a little more parental involvement? How about, instead of just saying that you have your child’s passwords and are consistently checking their accounts, how about stalking your kids stuff. I mean, they aren’t home for hours during the day. I guarantee you have access to Internet, wherever you are during those hours. There is no excuse for not knowing that your kid is a bully. And there is no excuse for not taking action to stop your child.

Yes, I firmly and with 100% conviction believe that this problem is your problem. And you are partially to blame. You make your kid come home and do homework, right? You’ve taught your kid to use manners, I’m assuming. You’ve taught your kids, tried to instill values and morals, you’ve given time-outs, you’ve given and taken away…just like the rest of us, right?

So why are you letting your children destroy other children? And what do you intend to do to stop it?

I’m just curious. Please, I think I’m not the only parent of a child who has been bullied who wants to be enlightened.


The Parent of the Bullied

Parents: Please, you need to watch this video…WITH your children. Amanda Todd, the teenager who recently made headlines because she committed suicide due to bullying. This is what is happening to our children. This MUST be stopped.

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  • Jennifer Williams

    I dare a kid to go after my child online. They want to see a bully? I have no qualms about outing the little aggressors.