The HPV Vaccination: Yay Or Nay?

The Center for Disease Control recommends the HPV vaccine for all girls from teens through 26. Now, they are also recommending boys receive the vaccine, as well. Cancers related to the virus are on the rise. That’s a scary, real-life fact that all parents should be armed with when deciding whether or not to get their children vaccinated.

The HPV vaccine decreases, if not eliminates, the risk of contracting the virus that can cause the cancer. As a parent of four teenagers, I’m VERY pro-this vaccination and my daughters have already been vaccinated. Now that the CDC recommends boys getting the shot, my boys WILL be inoculated as well.

The biggest determining factor, for me, was when I was at my own annual female bit check up. My gynecologist was telling me about one of her patients, a girl she had delivered 23 years ago…dying from ORAL cancer related to HPV. From giving oral sex to a guy who carried it.

My doctor begged me to not listen to all the vaccination haters and made me promise to give this gift to my children, the gift of protection against HPV. And she asked me to please tell everyone I knew that had children to do the same. Because it CAN happen. It does happen. And it’s not just from regular old, unprotected sex, either. These kids who think that performing oral sex is no harm, no foul…they are at risk too.

So many moms say that they aren’t willing to allow their children to be guinea pigs, they feel that the vaccination is still in experimental form because it hasn’t been around long enough to know the true side effects. Well…the way I see it is, there are side effects from breathing our air and that’s been around for centuries.

I, once again, polled my friends. Two of which are professionals in the field of health…a doctor and a microbiologist. Wanna know what they said?

My friend David is a medical doctor, he says “Sweep away the nonsense and look at the facts…it protects against the strain that is responsible for 98% of cervical cancer. Experimental? Reams and reams of peer reviewed articles in support of safety and efficacy. Lifelong immunity…folks…this isn’t a wonky flu vaccine that you have to get every year where the odds of getting the actual flu vaccinated for are lower than winning a scratch and win lottery prize.

My friend Karen, a microbiologist is pro-HPV vaccination, as well. “As a microbiologist with 10 years of college education and 9 years of being an auntie, I say yay. The vaccine is not experimental and as David says, there are peer reviewed articles that support both its safety and efficacy. “ She goes on to say, “The problem with the internet is that it gives anyone and everyone a voice, even if they do not know what they are talking about or have an agenda and it is very easy to sound convincing to the general public. Anti-vaccination groups will say anything to convince people to put their selves and their children at risk, even outright lies. The first deaf Miss America was led to believe her deafness was caused by a childhood DPT vaccination only to find out later that it was actually caused by a disease that we now vaccinate against. During the H1N1 pandemic, those groups put out information about a botched 1976 vaccine to scare people into not getting vaccinated by the modern vaccine.”

The poll I issued became so heated in debate, both sides arguing their points, that I don’t have enough memory space to list all the comments. If you’d like to take a look, I’ll keep the conversation highlighted on my Facebook wall, please feel free to weigh in there.

Out of the debate and responses on my Facebook wall, 18 of the women said that they would, without a doubt, get their children the vaccination. Five women said they wouldn’t because they feel either that it’s too experimental or we should teach our children about safe sex. Which is where I say…what about oral sex, which kids choose because they think it’s a safer alternative.

Like most of my opinions, I don’t push them onto other people, it’s not my place. But, when it’s potentially a matter of life or death, I’m imposing my opinion on my children and they are getting the series of shots.

Now, this is where you, our readers come in. With the HPV vaccination being such a topic of interest, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. What parenting camp to you go to? The Yay or the Nay?

By the way, there is now a HPV vaccination which helps women who already have the disease.

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  • Caroline

    YAY! Definitely FOR getting vaccinated! My daughter has already completed her series of shots. Who wouldn’t want their child protected? Caroline