Circumcision: A Choice Without Judgement

Circumcision is one of those weighty topics where opinions are fairly strong on both sides of the issue. Because yes, it’s become somewhat of an issue, especially on the Internet.

I had my boys circumcised. It’s part of my religion and, to be honest, there was no second thought in regards considering otherwise. It’s what we do, it’s what my ancestors before me have done throughout Jewish history. Well, on the most part. In some countries, Jewish boy babies weren’t circumcised until they arrived here, in the U.S, where it is a bit more commonplace. In fact, once upon a time, I dated a guy who was originally from Russia. He moved to the United States when he was 9, and that is when he had his Bris, a Jewish ceremony revolved around the removal of the foreskin.

Unlike my ex-boyfriend from a million years ago, my boys don’t remember their circumcision. I do. Quite vividly. It was more traumatic for me, being 8 days post-partum and exceptionally hormonal. And, by the way, both of my boys cried BEFORE the actual circumcision, NOT during.

I learned, quite recently, that in Armenia, they don’t circumcise their boys. Like the Jews during the Holocaust, the Armenian men were identified by whether or not their foreskin was intact during their Holocaust. So, damned if you do-type situation on the cultural aspect of circumcision, it seems.

In today’s world, however, there is a pro-choice movement in regards to circumcision. Many individuals believe that the foreskin should be left alone until the child becomes a man, at which time he can determine what he wants done with it. And, that is fine because I’m all about pro-choice on almost every issue.

There are also a lot of supporters in the Leave the Foreskin alone camp. And those supporters love nothing more than to shove their opinions down the throats of anyone who disagrees with their position. Freedom of speech is sometimes taken a little too far, especially when insults regarding beliefs and decisions are made. My stance on the subject is, and will always be, to each their own. You do what you gotta do to best suit your family. And please, leave me alone in the process because I do what I gotta do, too.
Well, I took the subject of circumcision to the streets. OK, not really. I polled some of my blogger friends to see where they stood on circumcision. And, you know what shocked me? Especially after seeing all the conversations on blogs and social media platforms surrounding the “Save the Skin” campaign.

Most of the woman I talked to (no men weighed in, they were too busy having sympathy pains, I suppose), they are pro-weenie whacking. Yes, they believe in the removal of the hot dog bun. Shocking, right?

Here’s what a few of them had to say:
Becca Bernstein: Do it. It’s one less thing to take care of (clean).

Lisa Martin: I use to work for a urologist. A good percentage of our patients were men coming in for circumcision, and I had many of them tell me that they wished their parents had done it when they were a baby.

Maureen Fitzgerald: One of the few parenting decisions I handed completely over to the husband. I don’t have one and he does. I make the decisions about the lady parts – I’ll give him this one. (Plus he felt very strongly about it.)

Shana: I think it’s a very personal decision and for us/me I am for it. I’ve done my research and there is so much to both sides but I still felt it was the right decision for my boys.

Lee Reyes-Fournier I’m a psychotherapist who also practices hypnotherapy. Many of my colleagues have worked with individuals who identify circumcision as a trauma. I chose to have both of my boys circumcised to be like their Dad. I was there when they did it and the only time they cried was when they used an alcohol swab before doing the procedure. I do not promote it nor do I think it should be done after the hospital.

Claudine Wolk: I’m for Yes. Be just like Daddy!

Jennifer Williams: This is one of those issues that people are way too passionate about that (in my opinion) really doesn’t matter. Do what’s right for your family. Period.

But, will say something in support of “the other side”. I know of two instances where the circumcisions were botched, both are going to result in surgery to repair the damage. These, however, are rare circumstances, although not any less devastating. And still not enough to sway me to the side of deciding that circumcision is a no-no. It’s just not for everyone, is all.

There are many studies done on circumcision and its health benefits, on both sides of that proverbial coin. None of them convincing enough to support either stance, to be honest. Which leads me back to this…

I choose to circumcise my boys. And, it’s too late to convince me otherwise, the removal has long been completed and it is earth to earth, dust to dust, that skin. Whether or not you choose to circumcise your son, that’s completely up to you, you’ll get no judgment from me either way. So please, return the favor, stop your judging and concentrate on what is right for your own family, not anyone else’s.

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Melissa Brodsky

Melissa has been sharing too much of her life online for the past five years at She recently Co-Founded a social media company aptly titled Smart Savvy Social ( because she and her business partner are both smart AND savvy. When Melissa isn't cleaning up after her 5 kids, 6 cats, 2 dogs and various other household pests, she can be found obsessively twittering as @rockdrool. 


  • Danielle A. Elwood

    This is such a personal topic. I was harassed over my choice as a mother. Which really upset me because I find it pretty creepy that a bunch of bitches on the internet are so concerned with strangers, minor children’s penises.  

  • Tora Spigner

    an RN and a mother, I am always educating people about the human rights
    of little boys and girls and intersexed children to keeping the
    genitals they were born with. Every person on this planet has the right
    to keep the normal and natural genitals they were born with, in the
    normal and natural state they are in. That follows that no parent, for
    religious, community or cultural reasons, has the right to circumcise
    their son, their daughter or change the genitals of their intersex
    child. They will always have to grow up harmed by that decision. Cutting
    anyone’s genitals to make them as adults want them to be is wrong and
    will always be wrong, no matter how you color it.