Street Food is More About Culture

There seems to be a lot of clamoring about the upcoming Food Truck Rally in Royal Oak at the Ye Old Saloon on South Main Street. The restaurant owners are quick to criticize the Food Trucks and Carts as opportunists that will come and go wherever the crowds may sway them. They also tout about property taxes that go with a typical bricks and mortar. For that, they are right. From an overall marketing and PR standpoint for Royal Oak, they may be shortsighted.

We applaude the City of Royal Oak Council for approving this event, and we wish everyone the best of luck.

Fox Detroit has been following the story;

“We plan on having food trucks outside,” said Ye Olde Saloon manager Donna Giles. “Just have an outdoor party and raise money for a good cause at the same time.”

“If you say yes to one, you have to say yes to everybody so it’s just going to be a big can of worms that we’re going to open up,” said Robin Silberi from O’Tooles Irish American Bar & Grill.

The Royal Oak Restaurant Association posted on our Street Eatzz Facebook Page that
they are IN Support of the upcoming rally. If that is truly the case, we kindly retract our slamming statements, however the clip we saw on Fox2 News on Tuesday morning didn’t seem like a warm and fuzzy engagement.

It is More About Culture

Time will tell if the restaurant association really is in support of the Food Truck Rallies. It seems that the bigger issue here is about a shift in culture. Street Food has been part of the fabric of most urban cities, it is high time it becomes part of Royal Oak and Ferndale.

There is room for everyone. Let commerce decide the trends and what gets in and doesn’t, not associations and special interest.


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