Green Daffodil is Growing in Ferndale … and Beyond

Candles are my indulgence and my therapy. Sometimes the glow of a flickering light and a pleasant scent eases my mind even better than a cocktail or a glass of wine. But I’m also picky about my candles. I hate burning my money on a pillar or container of wax that’s going to disappear in a flash, and some scents can be as annoying and offensive as a cheap cologne or after shave.

However, my first Green Daffodil candle is growing on me – not the scent, but the creation by the company headed by Ferndale friends and neighbors Anne Simonetti and Siouxsan Miller.

Simonetti and Miller started their company when their favorite candle maker changed its formula. Miller already was already making handmade soaps, and with a little research, they found a long-burning soy-based mixture that made them happy.

“It’s all clean,” Simonetti says. “Paraffin is a carcinogen; it’s petroleum based and petroleum candles burn really hot. Soy candles burn at a lower rate – 110 degrees. When it’s in its liquid state, it’s warm, not hot, so you can use it on dry cuticles and as a moisturizer. Plus, soy is a renewable resource and Michigan grows a lot of soy.”

Green Daffodil’s candles and other products like soaps, lip balms, lotions, room mists, and sugar and salt scrubs are also vegan.

“With bath and body products the regulations are so iffy,” Miller says. “You really don’t know what you’re getting. You don’t know where they’re getting these animal by-products and how they’re produced. People really appreciate that.”

Green Daffodil creates products in 40-50 scents throughout the year and keeps about 27 of them current within a season. Cranberry orange is its newest scent. Patchouli lavender was introduced at the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale this past weekend and will be added to its lineup. Other scents include rosemary mint, root beer, tangerine sage, and fall pumpkin. Scents are created with essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils.

Over the past six years, Green Daffodil’s production has taken Miller and Simonetti from their basements to their second workshop and studio at 624 Livernois in Ferndale where they also sell work from area artists and vintage oddities. They also sell their products in over 100 stores throughout the Midwest including Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley, Naka in Ferndale, and Saffron in Royal Oak.

However, success didn’t come overnight. That was by design and Simonetti’s advice to anyone starting an artisan-based business.

“We had support at home; we didn’t have to bring home the vegan bacon on our own,” Simonetti says. “Start small and see where it takes you.”

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Bonnie Caprara

Bonnie Caprara

Bonnie Caprara is the Director of PR for Urbane Media. Her career has traversed between print journalism and media relations in the agency world and for private clients. She's also a semi-serious foodie with a penchant for Cheetos.