September: The Best Time to Travel

I often can’t help to notice how the tone and the vibe of everything changes after Labor Day. There’s some kind of drudgery about being back-to-school, even among people who don’t have kids.

As for me, post-Labor Day is the best time to go on vacation. The weather’s still nice, if not a bit more comfortable than it is in the Dog Days of July and August; hotel rooms are more available and cheaper; and vacation destinations are definitely less crowded.

I’ve been to Toronto a few times right after Labor Day. Since I do a lot of walking getting from place-to-place in the city, there’s something nice about the additional heat not being generated off the pavement while still being able to get around without a sweater or jacket. Plus the Toronto International Film Festival is in town this time of year. It’s relatively easy to get into a lot of up-and-coming films. Paul Thomas Anderson’s hotly anticipated “The Master,” which doesn’t come to screens in the States until Sept. 14, is already said to contain an Oscar-winning turn from Joaquin Phoenix. Ben Affleck’s “Argo” will also take flight at TIFF, and the Wachowski siblings and Thomas Tykwer’s adaptation of “Cloud Atlas” premiering, as well. And don’t discount “Looper,” which could very well be the “Inception” of this year’s Oscars. Plus, it’s always kind of cool to see an actor walking on the street or at a bar or restaurant. Rumor has it stars from “The Hunger Games” and “The Hunger Games” and “Twilight” series are rumored to be in town for the festival.

If you’re more of an up-North kind of person, September is a great time to hit the Wine Countries of the Grand Traverse, Leelanau and Southwest Michigan regions. There are a bunch of wineries that have harvest festivals where tourists are treated to some pretty good outdoor food pairings and wine tastings. And if you haven’t had a chance to go grape stomping (no, they’re not making wine out of those grapes), it’s definitely a bucket list experience.

September is also a great time to go camping. It’s a lot easier to get a good spot, sometimes without a reservation, and it’s easy to rent a boat or canoe and get away from it for a while. While the hot sun and temperatures aren’t around to drive you for a dive at the beach, the water is still warm and comfortable … at least for the next few weeks. Plus, the cooler evenings make those campfires (and s’mores) even more enjoyable.

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  • LO_TS

    I couldn’t agree more. Come to think of it it’s been years where I’ve had a holiday actually during the summer months. We tend to go for more November – April for our trips mainly because it’s cheaper and places tend to be a lot quieter.