Baconfest Michigan Preview: Treat Dreams Gives a Whole New Meaning to Pigging Out

Bacon and ice cream isn’t a strange idea for Scott Moloney. As a matter of fact, his ice cream Mecca, Treat Dreams, has eight different bacon-flavored ice creams that rotate among the 400 total flavors on his menu throughout the year.

“Sunday Breakfast ice cream was one of our first unusual ice creams,” Moloney says. “It’s made with maple ice cream, bits of waffles, and apple wood smoked bacon. We make it extra crispy so it holds up.”

Treat Dreams will be serving up its Sunday Breakfast and will be launching its newest bacon-flavored creation, Boss Hogg, at Baconfest Michigan on Saturday, June 2, at the Royal Oak Farmers Market.

“We add bacon fat, pureed bacon and bacon pieces to our basic ice cream mix; it’s all bacon-y,” Moloney says.

So how many gallons will it take to just give the guests a just taste of Sunday Breakfast and Boss Hogg at Baconfest Michigan? Thirty-six.

For those of who won’t be at Baconfest Michigan, the featured flavors will be served at Treat Dreams the following day and all through the week. If you can’t make it to Treat Dreams the week after Baconfest Michigan, Treat Dreams rotates its flavors on its menu, which is updated weekly on its Facebook page If you’re lucky, you may happen to come upon Nuttin’ Better Than Bacon, a peanut butter ice cream mixed with Nutella and bacon. Treat Dreams also has other pork flavored ice creams made with burnt ends and honey ham.

Treat Dreams is located at 22965 Woodward Avenue in Ferndale.

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