Detroit vs. Seattle Popularity Contest!

One month ago, Detroit was named America’s Least Popular City and Seattle was hailed as Most Popular. Whether or not my recent relocation to Seattle has anything to do with the timeliness of this assertion I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that the only thing more popular than being popular is being unpopular. And once being unpopular becomes popular, it will immediately and consequently become unpopular. Unpopularity has always been at least as popular and popularity, and popularity has always been a sure sign of approaching unpopularity. Let’s end this vicious cycle and celebrate difference! Below are a few popular areas of comparison between America’s most and least popular cities, Detroit and Seattle. I have done the honor of deleting the unpopular issues of comparison and hope that someone popular will remind us of them in the form of a comment. And remember: everyone is popular in the comment section!

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Detroit vs. Seattle Culture

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Detroit vs. Seattle Industry

Detroit vs. Seattle Demographics

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  • adrommi

    Famed area rappers are incorrect eminem is Detroit and sir mix a lot is Seattle No the other way around