Baconfest offers treats from Rock City Pies and Gord’s Canadian Bacon

Bacon, that most fabulous of foods. Would breakfast really be breakfast without bacon? And lunch—who doesn’t love a BLT, or a couple strips atop a burger or chicken sandwich? Dinner—got you covered. Anything you want to cook comes out delicious wrapped in bacon. Case in point—scallops, shrimp, steak.

Which brings us to BACONFEST, June 2 at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market. The event is already sold out, so if you’re lucky enough to have your hands on a ticket, here’s a couple treats in store.

Gord’s Canadian Bacon

Everyone likes bacon for breakfast, but I admit, it’s probably not the healthiest thing if eaten in mass quantities. For a change, why not try some Gord’s Canadian Peameal Bacon?

Canadian bacon has as much fat as a skinless chicken breast. It also packs a great protein punch which will keep you energized until lunch. Gord’s offers thick slices that you can toss on the grill for a super flavorful change to your morning routine. Just a couple minutes on each side and you’re good to go. Pan preparation is fine too, just don’t overcook!

Gord’s also offers Canadian Bacon roasts. Set the roast in a pan with a half inch of dark beer, cover with foil and bake at 350 for about an hour. Allow to rest and then slice. This was delicious. I used Guinness Stout and the flavor of the beer came shining through to nicely compliment the meat.

Bacon also makes a swell dessert. There will be several options at Baconfest, but one I’m really looking forward to is the selection from Rock City Pies.

Rock City Pies

Nikita Santches, chef/owner of Rock City Pies, serves up some not-so-traditional pie at Ferndale’s Rust Belt Market every weekend. A self-trained chef, Nikita spends his days as a caterer. Pies kind of happened by accident—an incredibly tasty accident. Later this year, Nikita will open a new restaurant in Downtown Detroit, serving up American fare with a creative twist—just like his pies.

I had the pleasure of sampling a couple slices recently. The Red Velvet is a creamy rich cheesecake with that red velvet sort of not quite chocolate flavor. Love the crust! But the pie that I’m most looking forward to a second helping of is the Whiskey Smoked Apple. Yes, you read that correctly. We’re talking layers of flavors here. I got some big, fresh apple flavor in the first bite, with just a hint of whiskey on the finish. Next bite, I got smokiness and a whiskey finish. Third bite, it sort of all came together and before I knew what was happening, my pie was gone. Note to self—get two slices next time.

At Baconfest, you can sample: Apple + Bacon Caramel; Elvis = Banana + Peanut Butter + Bacon; and Sweet Potato + Maple + Bacon (this just sounds incredible to me).

See you at Baconfest!

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