Au Natural Allergy Remedies

Spring has sprung early and the unseasonably warm weather, though welcomed by most, has given way to early onset of seasonal allergies. Sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes and throat are only a few symptoms that really throw a wrench into our outdoor activities. There are a number of options for allergy relief but for those who prefer to stay away from over-the-counter or prescription options here are some tips for relief, au natural.

Local Raw Honey: Not clinically proven but some people swear by it.
The key is acquiring honey made relatively nearby (as in 3 miles down the road) from a local farmer’s market. Royal Oak Farmers Market would be the perfect place to acquire such a honey. It has been deemed helpful for cold and flu symptoms as discussed earlier this year by Dr. Frank McGeorge on Local 4 News, to make a difference in seasonal suffering.

Probiotics.  Beneficial bacteria in your digestive system has been proven to keep your immune system healthy and strong.  A stronger immune system can fight allergen attacks more effectively and with fewer side effects. Added bonuses come in the following forms: better digestion and clearer, more radiant skin due to less inflammation. Energy levels have been known to increase as well.

Herbal Supplements: Among the most popular are grape seed extract and a flavonoid compound known as quercetin. Both are found naturally in many foods but are abundant in red wine (Salute!). Quercetin has also been known to control the release of histamine and other chemicals that elicit allergic reactions.

Spicy Food:
The spicier the dish the more likely it is to thin mucous secretions (um, gross) which in turn clears nasal passages. So make like Emeril and add some BAM! POW! YOWZA to your meals with cayenne pepper, hot ginger, and don’t forget about onion and garlic.

What ever you try be sure you know your not allergic to any of the foods or supplements discussed. Happy Spring!

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    I think I’ll try the spicy food