What’s in a Kiss? Fun Facts about Locking Lips

Sure, engaging in the act of lip-locking, smooching, making-out, pecking — whatever you want to call it — is a blast (well, when you’re doing it with someone who’s not completely wretched, that is). And while you’re getting busy playing tonsil hockey, you’re probably not thinking about anything more than where the kiss going to lead (again, if it’s with someone you’re into, then hopefully to the bedroom!). However, if you have ever been curious about what this little act of affection is really all about, lucky for you, we’re kissing and telling. So before you pucker up again, be sure to check out these following fun facts:

You’ve really got some nerve. In your lips that is! Did you know that your pretty pout is jam-packed with nerve endings (almost 100 times more nerves than the amount found in the tips of your fingers)? This is fantastic because these nerve endings are major contributors to getting you aroused for activity that’s a little more intense than just kissing. So be sure to maximize on the sensitivity of your lips before, during, and post sex to spark some major fireworks between you and the other person on the end of the kiss.

Get in a workout. There’s only so much fun that can be had at a spinning class. So instead of sweating up a serious workout at the gym, why not opt to have a little more fun getting hot with your honey? Not only is kissing a downright good time, but if you kiss for one minute you have the ability to burn up to twenty-six calories! So with bathing suit season just around the corner, grab your lip balm and the hot personal trainer you’ve been eyeing for some fitness that involves exercising your mouth!

Kissing is time consuming. On average, the typical human being spends about two weeks of their entire lifetime kissing. Yowza! That’s a good chunk of time so hopefully those three hundred and thirty six hours of lip service are being spent with someone who knows what they’re doing!

Sign your name with an X. You know how people like to throw around X’s and O’s when they’re feeling lovey-dovey and penning sweet nothings to the one they adore? Well that “X” didn’t just find its way at the end of a love letter because it looked better than a “Q.” It’s actually been around for ages and ages—all the way back to the Middle Ages, in fact! Back then people signed legal contracts by writing an “X” and then kissing it as a pledge of their sincere honor. So ever since, “X” has stuck around as shorthand for a kiss.

Beat this kiss. Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat are a young Thai couple who spent a whopping 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds kissing without stopping for air. This crazy duo set the record for the longest kiss of all time.

Kissing is filthy. Hey, there’s no shame in getting down and dirty every now and then. But as it turns out, kissing is pretty disgusting—that person you’re swapping saliva with may be cute…but one kiss can deliver you close to 300 different bacteria! Sounds sick, right? Well if you’re a germ-o-phobe and are vowing to never kiss a cootie-ridden crush ever again, not to fret because the good news is that 95% of such bacteria aren’t dangerous!

You can face legal consequences for kissing. It’s a wonder how these laws came about in the first place, but however they did, we are glad because they are quite entertaining. Imagine being thrown in the slammer for an offense as pointless as these: In Indiana men with mustaches cannot “habitually kiss human beings.” In Hartford, Conn., men are prohibited from kissing their wives on Sundays. And in Logan County, Colo., men are not allowed to kiss a sleeping woman. Just to be safe, it’s best to mark those destinations off of your “must visit before I die” list.

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