Having the Stomach to be an Entrepreneur

I am an avid reader of Seth Godins work. Much of what he writes about is that everyone has a shot, or at least the ability to take a shot, but they don’t. They fall short because they are afraid.

I certainly saw this daily when I had a real job, and worked for the man everyday. Middle managers are the worst, as many times they are intoxicated on power,  but afraid of their own shadow, or lack of competency.

Seth’s recent post titled Agency frames fear, or lack of action like this;

Why then, do organizations and individuals struggle so intently to avoid the responsibility that comes with agency? “It’s not my job, my boss won’t let me, there’s a federal regulation, we’re prohibited, it’s our supplier, that’s our policy…”

It’s not something you can turn on or off. Either you have the capacity to act in the world. Or you don’t.

Is The Risk Real or Perceived

I randomly questioned one of our Detroit local young entrepreneurs one day, Henry Balanon, owner of Bickbot an iPhone and iPad application development company,

“Henry, What scares you, what, if anything keeps you up at night.”

Henry’s answer surprised me;

“That I might someday have to get a real job again.”

That my friends is the true entrepreneurial voice. However, that isn’t what most folks fear. Many of the things people fear are what others may say about them. Those are low risk fears, as it is in your control to abolish them.

Many of the things that need to be said, or that need to be done will not be popular, and if you don’t have the stomach to do them, stay at home and get a job, as entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

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  • Jay Ehret

    Spot on, Eric. As you were asking the question: “What scares you?”  My mind was answering: “that I might be forced to get a real job.” And then you shared Henry’s answer. 

    There’s nothing wrong with real jobs…unless you’re an entrepreneur.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Jay, Thanks for stopping by. Henry’s response struck a cord with me too. Many a start up has failed because the proprietor was looking for a new job as opposed to being an entrepreneur. There is a pretty big difference between self employment and entrepreneurship.