Dear Melissa: Making Him Melt In My Mouth

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Dear Melissa,
I’m 23 years old and somehow, despite hooking up MANY times, I’ve never really given a blow job. When I say “never really”, I mean…I’ve had a guys penis in mouth but never completed the action. I’m in a relationship now and I really, really want to give my guy a mind blowing blow job. I’m worried though, because I think I’ll suck…literally. Can you give me some pointers to make him melt in my mouth? PLEASE?
Thank You,
Wanting to blow his mind

Dear Wanting:

Guys love getting blow jobs. If you ask a group of dudes what they liked better, cold beer and a football game or a blow job, they’ll most likely tell you yes. Actually, they’d probably like watching a football game while drinking a cold beer and receiving a blow job.
So you want to know how to make your guy choose the blow job before the beer? You’ve come to the right place.

Love him, love his penis: Enjoy what you are doing to him. Get turned on as he gets harder because he will respond to your response. Feel power in the fact that you are causing him to get excited and squirmy.

Get ballsy: Don’t neglect the rest of his package. Many men get even more aroused when their penis is in your mouth and their balls are in your hand. Gently fondle, kiss, lick and suck them. Your man will show you his gratitude.

Open wide: To really wow your man, learn the art of deep throating during a blowjob. It takes practice but once you learn this skill, you will own him for life. If deep throating is outside your comfort zone, you can still provide a similar effect by placing your thumb and index finger against your mouth, wrapping the rest of your very wet hand around him, and sliding him in and out of your mouth through your fisted hand. He’ll still swoon.

Let him watch: Men are very visual and love to watch what you’re doing. Keep the lights on and position yourself so he can see you both in a mirror. Better yet, have him sit up slightly so he gets a birds-eye view. It’ll probably drive him over the edge in half the time.

Get wet: A great blow job starts with great lube — in this case your saliva. Make sure he’s nicely wet and slippey, and don’t worry about trying not to drool look super-ladylike. That’s the last thing he’s concerned about, so don’t you fret about it either.

Let his hands wander: Sometimes he’ll be practially paralyzed with lust and won’t be capable of doing anything more than lying there. Other times, though, he might like to let his hands roam your face, breasts, and anything else within reach. If you don’t mind him playing with your hair, let him know. He’ll love you for it.

Let YOUR hands wander While your mouth is moving, your hands are free. Let them explore other areas of his body. Multiple erogenous zone stimulation is powerful stuff. Play with his nipples, gently tickle his tummy…use your imagination. Or how about, take matters into your hands and use your mouth to do the exploring. The sexual switcharoo. It’s supercharged.

Get bossy: Many men love having a woman take charge, especially while giving a blow job. You don’t have to hog-tie him to the bed (unless that’s your thing), but think about lightly holding his wrists as you get started, or telling him he can’t touch you until you say so. It’ll drive him nuts to have nothing to do but lie there thinking about every single thing you’re doing.

Warning: He may start begging for more. In which case, you must demand reciprocation.


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