My new favorite cookie

I was at Royal Oak’s farmers market over the weekend. It’s a little less crowded this time of year. I ran into Alex at Cheeky Monkeys Foods and decided to grab a few cookies and scones.

Cheeky Monkeys promises all organic, baked from scratch items, using local ingredients whenever possible– flour, butter, brown sugar, dark chocolate chips, dried cherries, eggs, vanilla. Just what you’d use if you were baking cookies, right?

I was going to list the ingredients on a package of store-bought cookies. Forget about it. One-hundred words, several of which are better left in the dictionary than in my cookies.

So let’s talk about taste.

Dark Chocolate Chip Michigan Cherry Cookies (you guessed it, my new favorite)
You can taste the butter, the vanilla. The dark chocolate chips are rich and semi-sweet. The dried cherries add a splash of tart, along with a satisfying chew. There’s the combo of rich chocolate and tart cherry in every amazing bite. My wife tends to be a snob about cookies because she makes what she considers the best chocolate chip cookies. Period. She took a bite and swooned. Then she wanted more, and I was afraid I might not get to taste any. As for the kids, no way! They don’t know that we have these cookies, and they’re not finding out.

Cheeky Monkeys cookies and scones

Happy Happy Joy Joy Scones blend chopped almonds with some coconut and chocolate chips. They offer a prominent almond taste, with a perfect sense of moistness and chew. Some scones, while tasty, are pretty dried out. Not these. We let the kids try them. They enjoyed and wanted more.

Ginger Scones

Subtle ginger goodness with a brush of lemon glaze. I had my first taste after some Pad See Ew (Thai River Noodles), thinking the ginger might be a nice compliment. The ginger was too subtle after Thai. I had another one later. I think they will go well with some tea.

You can find Cheeky Monkeys baked goods at the Royal Oak Farmers Market every Saturday throughout the year. Alex’s wife starts baking Friday night, until about 5 a.m., so everything is incredibly fresh. You’ll find them at farmer’s markets in Clarkston, Dearborn and Birmingham beginning in June.
I’m going back this weekend, in search of shortbread cookies. Check them out in person, and online.

Alex at Cheeky Monkeys

Leave a comment if you love Cheeky Monkeys cookies!

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    Yes, your wife is a chocolate chip cookie snob, but these cookies were amazing.

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