Finding Sexy:Part 1

Limbs, Shadows and Curves

World dictionary defines sexy as an adjective meant to provoke sexual interest: a sexy dress, book, car. The other part of the definition claims that sexy is interesting, trendy or exciting. Modern day slang uses the word sexy to describe a certain sex appeal: That guy/girl is sexy.

While the textbook definitions remain somewhat fixed, the media world, during any given upcoming new season modifies, retranslates and sells to us civilians what we are supposed to consider as sexy. Sometimes repurposing long ago definitions. We are buying magazines that advertise the flavor of the month waif modeling “this seasons sexiest” everything, from make up to razor blades to milk mustaches.

And we, the consumers, eat it up and try to regurgitate our own variation onto and all over ourselves. Some of us making and owning it while others miss the mark completely.

Despite the definition of sexy holding steadfast and the trends constantly trending, the masses idea of sexy is so subjective despite what we are being told what to think and how to wear it. A thousand people can look at the same advertisement and come up with a thousand different ways to project sexy onto themselves.

With so many different meanings, what really is sexy? It’s so much more than how someone looks – it encompasses and embodies all five of the human senses. Yet, when all is said and done, does it just come down to another ancient, inbred human survival tactic to ensure procreation? Survival of the sexiest?

Over the next couple weeks, I will be conducting interviews with men and women via online conversations, delving into what the general population, without the media pelvic thrusting it in our faces, considers to be the true definition of sexy.

Please, feel free to share your feelings regarding your definition of sexy with us in the comment section.

photo by: dee’lite

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