10 Reasons to Go to The Dirty Show This Weekend

If you’re not one of the 12,000 people who have already attended The Dirty Show® this year, here’s 10 reasons to jump off the cliff:

The Dirty Show 12

  1. You still can. Originally scheduled to run from February 11-19, The Dirty Show® has been held over by popular demand and will be open on Saturday, February 26 from 7 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance here or you can pay a minor no-RSVP tax at the door.
  2. Ride The World’s Largest Vibrator…for a cause! The fine people at vibrators.com worked all year with Manhattan Project-like diligence and crafted The World’s Largest Vibrator for the exclusive riding pleasure of Dirty attendees. It costs $1 to ride, it’s shaped like a WWII bomb, and it hums at a force of 170 g’s–more than twice the power of a Hitachi and exactly 170 times that of gravity. If that’s not enough incentive to hop on, this will be: 100% of that dollar goes directly to Common Ground, and a 10% off coupon to vibrators.com goes directly to you.
  3. Catch the debut of SWEAT. A 57-piece premiere from the new all-female art collective, Society of Women in the Erotic Arts Today. The group is worthy of tagline wordplay I’m just not capable of at the moment. (Any suggestions? I’ll get you going: moist, dripping, hot…)
  4. Find a new “happy place.” Ebay celebrity and “Painter of Pancakes” Dan Lacey–most famous for his Obama/Unicorn series–has two paintings on the wall. One of them is made of the materials  “acrylic and love” on canvas. Is there anything happier?

    Dan Lacey, "Obama Unicorn"

  5. See Chicago Burlesque Without Leaving Detroit! Traveling all the way from Chicago to perform at The Dirty Show’s surprise third weekend are The Stage Door Johnnies (all-male), Dolls of Doom (acrobats), and Viva La Muerte (Pink Floyd tribute)…Need I say more?
  6. Put the “Fun” Back In Functional Art. Don’t be shy! Pull a ply from art.tickle’s Tissue Holders, a set of wall-mounted, ceramic Kleenex dispensers shaped like your bottom.
  7. Expose Yourself to F%@#&d up Russian CG. Ever heard of photoshop magic man, Max Sauco? Me neither (we’re so sheltered!). Three Sauco prints arrived during the second week of The Dirty Show and they are stunning! They’re dirty in a distinctly Russian way (as I have come to understand it from key secondary characters in The Sopranos). It’s the kind of thing I don’t want to stop looking at, but don’t want to hang anywhere near where I sleep. Think David Lynch.
  8. Preview the Midwest Sex Book. Since Bridgett Ritz edited and published Visions of Eros, a collection of works by Midwest photographers, leather jock straps are no longer the most interesting of regional support at The Dirty Show. You can purchase Visions in the print shop (at least stop by and flip through to see if any of your friends are in it).
  9. Support Michigan Artists. The Dirty Show® is international, but it has a thang for Metro Detroiters. See works by Tara Lazaroff (Westland), Trans Michigan (Ferndale), Brenda Oelbaum (Ann Arbor), Marty Winters (Oak Park), Erica Podwoiski (Garden City), Jeremy Harvey (Ferndale), Leslie Blackburn (Dearborn), and Christie (Beverly Hills). From Detroit proper: Angela Watson, Kristine Diven, Jessi McCabe, Jeremy Hansen, Camilo (a recent 1xRUN), and Dirty Show regular, Pablo Davis (who assisted Diego Rivera with the DIA’s Detroit Industry and is actually deserving of his own slot in the “10 reasons” list).
  10. Pablo Davis.

So there you have it. Don’t miss another year of this essential Detroit event. Get your tickets to The Dirty Show® while the gettin’s good. Purchase tickets here.

Jessi McCabe, "Untitled"

…I can’t believe I’m going through with the “fun back in functional art” thing.

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Jane Fader

Jane Fader received a Master’s degree from the Wayne State University Department of Communication, where she also completed her doctoral coursework in media studies and instructed courses in film, video production, and television criticism. She has written widely on the topics of sexuality and pornography, and produced an internationally awarded documentary about female ejaculation. Currently Jane does creative direction and marketing in the sexual wellness industry, instructs courses in Cultural Diversity and Information Literacy at IADT Detroit, and maintains her blog, janefader.com.