Single Sex is Wetter

Recently on Sex per Se, MILFy blogger Melissa touted the superiority of marital sex, claiming that marriage cultivates a particular combination of pro-pleasure conditions: familiarity, comfort, unconditional acceptance, and certainty. The blissful bump-n-grind between man and wife is held up against the singles sex scene, characterized as anxious, promiscuous, unorthodox, excessive, unfulfilling, and—if I understand correctly—endlessly burdened with hygienic chores such as body hair maintenance.

Before you start drafting your personals ad for the ultimate LTR, consider the following:

1. You don’t have to be married to have “married sex.” The sex Melissa is talking about isn’t limited to marriage. You can enjoy the sexual give-ins of a healthy long-term relationship no matter what domestic status you claim on your taxes. In fact, this kind of sex isn’t even limited to monogamy! Many people enjoy intimate, emotionally-secure sex with multiple partners—long-term threesome couples or traditional couples who date other couples, for example. Hetero, homo, long-term, short-term, polygamous, three-way…intimate sex is possible in an endless number of scenarios, and it sure isn’t guaranteed within the formal structure of a marriage.
2. Better sex is a singles issue. The conditions for a satisfying sex life are not related to marriage. Sexual satisfaction comes from familiarity, comfort, unconditional acceptance, and certainty of yourself. Intimacy and its associated pleasures must begin with you as a single person before you are able to connect with another. Ask a real sexpert, Leslie Blackburn.

3. Single sex is wetter. According to a 2010 study on sexual satisfaction and middle-aged women, married women have higher levels of sexual activity but also reported higher levels of vaginal dryness (keep in mind that this study defined sexual activity as anything from kissing to intercourse). On the other hand, single women have lower levels of sexual activity but are incontestably juicy (“lack of vaginal dryness”). It’s hard to believe that married sex is better when single sex is wetter. My analysis: Married women talk the talk, but single women walk the walk.

Married sex may claim it’s better, but single sex shows it’s wetter.

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Jane Fader

Jane Fader received a Master’s degree from the Wayne State University Department of Communication, where she also completed her doctoral coursework in media studies and instructed courses in film, video production, and television criticism. She has written widely on the topics of sexuality and pornography, and produced an internationally awarded documentary about female ejaculation. Currently Jane does creative direction and marketing in the sexual wellness industry, instructs courses in Cultural Diversity and Information Literacy at IADT Detroit, and maintains her blog, 


  • DJ Meph

    I’ve had a few experiences with divorced women, and there seems to be no substitute for the sexual experience a woman gains while she’s married. Fortunately when she becomes a cougar later in life, she has a lot to teach, which was great for a young boy like me who had a lot to learn. So my advice is to any man is to appreciate every woman for who she is, and never let stereotypes get in the way. If you choose to remain monogamous and committed to one person, or if multiple partners come your way, each experience will be unique and should be approached without expectation.

    • Jane Fader

      Dang, DJ Meph! That is a really nice thought! I’m having a nice genuine smile right now. Thank you.

      And yeah, those stereotypes can really get in the way of your enjoyment of a cougar.

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  • Violet

    I think married women are dryer because on average they are older than single women. Either way, makes a nice title.

  • Anon

    Yeah right if single women wanted to have sex they’d be doing it. It’s been 5 years since I had a relationship and I got laid maybe once a year or two. Bottom line is women don’t like sex.