John Cusack doesn’t need a hot tub to time travel to the ’80s


This past weekend the anticipated Steve Pink comedy Hot Tub Time Machine hit area theaters and I couldn’t help but wonder, would Actor John Cusack really need a time machine to travel back to the 1980′s? Would he even want to? Yesterday’s Detroit Free Press piece addressed that issue.

Lucky for us faithful fans who have followed him from his adorably geeky beginnings with small roles in iconic teen comedies like Sixteen Candles straight to romantic dramedies like High Fidelity and more recent recently horrific mysteries like 1408 or the end-of-days action adventures 2012.

The release of Hot Tub Time Machine, now playing at the Birmingham Palladium and other area theaters, it felt like a good time to travel back to Cusack’s 80′s. IMDB lists him in a total of  15 films from 1983′s Class to 1989′s lesser-known Fat Man and Little Boy. Here are the flicks worth a dive back in the old time machine:

Better Off Dead (1985) – In a screwball comedy in which boy loses girl, boy  races a formidable ski slope, boy meets French exchange student, and boy is plagued by a maniacal newspaper delivery boy, you can’t help but laugh and hope for the best for Lane Meyer. You’ll likely be reciting the line “I want my 2 dollars” for decades to come.

Stand By Me (1986) – OK OK so this is the  Rob Reiner-directs-Stephen King’s most touching coming of age story. You say you don’t remember John Cusack in this one? That’s because he portrays Denny Lachance, Gordie’s (Will Wheaton) older brother who died in a Jeep accident. He appears only in flashbacks but all I have to hear is: “Why did Denny have to die? It should’ve been me.” Cue teardrops.

Eight Men Out (1988) – As a fan of director John Sayles I hate to admit but I missed this one. Cusack takes on the lead role o of George “Buck”Weaver in a tale about the 1919 bribe that rocked the World Series. Adding to Netflix queue now.

Say Anything (1989) – By the time Director Cameron Crowe gave us the lovable kick-boxing Lloyd Dobler, I’m pretty sure most girls in America were wishing John Cusack would appear at their bedroom windows, boombox held high with the sounds of Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes floating through the neighborhood. I think I’m still jealous of Diane Court.

What 80′s movie moment – with or without John Cusack – do you count among the very best?

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  • melissa

    every john hughes movie ever made. definitive 80′s.
    how funny, we both wrote about john cusack!!