My Fav Salad- A must try!

I have been teaching and training a lot over the last month, so to be honest salads have not been my selection of choice for food as I am craving the COMPLEX carbs ….. ladies and gentlemen, remember:


So I thought it would be a nice change of pace to lighten my load for my meal and make on of my absolute favorite salads the Chicken Walnut (caramelized optional) pear salad.  There are a lot of variations in this recipe, you can add all kinds of fruit, switch up the protein source (tuna instead of chicken perhaps).  The best parts are that it’s easy to make, taste’s amazing, leaves you full, and it will help you lean up while still giving you your protein:) So go ahead read below, try it, and LET ME KNOW IF YOU LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO:)

*red or green leaf lettuce, washed and cut into pieces/purple cabbage optional (crunchy and great for you!)


2 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese
2 cups red grapes
3 tablespoons crumbled walnuts
4  pears, thinly sliced or cubed (peeling is optional)

2 breasts of chopped cooked Chicken/ other source of protein

Dressing: olive oil and red wine vinegar / Raspberry vinaigrette


1. Toss the lettuce, grapes and pears with the dressing into a large bowl.

2. Add the chopped walnuts, feta cheese, pears and any other remaining ingredients.

Serve and enjoy!!!!

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